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Indonesia: cultural features

Balinese ceremonies and festivals

The frequency of Balinese ceremonies and festivals means that most visitors will be able to attend at least one celebration during their stay.
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Spice Islands cuisine - the food of Indonesia

Indonesian food is strong in flavour, with a great array of fish, unusual vegetables and fruits, and minimal meat. But only the brave should sample the chillies.
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Weird wildlife in Indonesia

Thanks to its diverse ecological zones, Indonesia has a range of fauna and marine life that is quite unlike anything else seen on the planet.
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Batik: art on fabric

Batik is the great leveller in Indonesian society. It is the formal attire of Jakarta urbanites and simple villagers working the paddy fields.
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Insight Guides: Indonesia

Insight Guide Indonesia is an essential guide to one of the world's last tourism frontiers, a far-flung archipelago of rainforests, volcanoes, vivid festivals and teeming cities, all brought to life t...

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