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Central America & Caribbean

From whale watching in Dominica and sunbathing in the Bahamas, to discovering the forts of Cuba and the food of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean have lots to offer.

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Edinburgh's top attractions

14 Aug 2014

From its impressive castle to its Georgian architecture - check out attractions in the fascinating Scottish capital., Copyright: 123RF Edinburgh Festival is at its best! But why not take a break from the events and see the city? From its impressive castle t...

Inspiration for August

05 Aug 2014

Notting Hill Carnival, Copyright: 123RF Midsummer is behind us. Are you looking for ideas to spend the remaining hot weeks in a legend-wait for it-dary way? Check...

5 places to keep cool this summer

24 Jul 2014

Skradinski Buk, Copyright: Apa Publications Summer is great. Sunny days (whole days, not intervals!) are terrific. But sometimes it’s too hot. Two hobbits are w...

Cornwall's Minack Theatre

05 Jun 2014

Minark Theatre, Copyright: Lydia Evans / APA Publications (UK) Ltd If you absolutely love the theatre, don’t go to the Minack Theatre in Cornwall. The quality of the performances is u...
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