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Places in Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany covers an area of 357,000 sq km (138,000 sq miles). Some of its frontiers are formed by natural boundaries such as the North Sea and Baltic to the north, and the Alps to the south. The beautiful wildernesses of Bavaria and the Black Forest are hugely popular with visitors, as are the pulsing cities of Berlin, Munich and Hamburg
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What do you want to see in Germany?

It is hard to find a single image that fairly conjures up Germany. One reason is that Germany is less homogeneous than most European countries and any familiar image – such as that of the lederhosen-clad beer imbiber – represents only one distinct part of the staunchly federal nation, not all of it. In that respect, perhaps Germany is Europe’s equivalent to the United States. It offers a variety of landscapes, all packed into a country that stretch­es around 1,000 km (620 miles) between the north coast and the Alps and about 700 km (435 miles) at its widest point from west to east. There is much to discover, whether in the unchanging delights of the coun­try­side or the vibrant culture of the cities.

Prussians and Bavarians

The Bavarians jokingly de­scribe the Weiss­wurst-Äquator (“veal sausage equator”) that runs along the River Main as the border be­tween them and the Prussians, who seem to include everyone who isn’t Bavarian. In reality, the border of the Roman empire ran along the Main and the Rhine and left its mark on both culture and lifestyle. That the Romans didn’t succeed in moving this border further north had its compensations, as they didn’t have to do without their customary wine – the only place in Germany where wine is grown on the other side of the Rhine–Main line is near Dresden on the Elbe. Baden is excellent wine country but in the north they prefer beer and Klaren (clear schnapps). The enjoyment of beer is some­thing the Prussians and the Bavarians do have in common.

Alpine scenery and vibrant cities

Germany has some of the most stunning landscape in Europe. Every year, thousands of visitors discover the alpine beauty of Bavaria and the escapism afforded by the Black Forest.

Because of its federal structure, Germany does not have just one dom­i­nant political and cul­tur­al centre, such as you find in France or the United Kingdom, but several. The three largest state me­trop­o­lis­es – Berlin, Hamburg and Munich all hold delights – as does the financial centre, Frankfurt-am-Main.


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