Birkat al Mawz, Oman 03 Dec 2016

Posted on 03 Dec 2016
Birkat al Mawz, Oman
Birkat al Mawz, Oman
Birkat al Mawz, Oman

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Travelling on our Wild Oman: Deserts and Mountains adventure, you will have the opportunity to visit various remote settlements, including the largely abandoned village of Birkat al Mawz (translated as 'Pool of Bananas') on Day 4, following your exploration of Nizwa. Birkat al Mawz is a traditional oasis village, with a dense patchwork of plantations clustered around the fort and falaj (water channel irrigation system). Bananas were once grown here, as the name suggests, but dates are more common now. The falaj here, the Falaj al Khatmeen, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the fort, Bait al Ridaydha, has been impressively restored, though it's sadly not open to the public. 

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