Amphawa Floating Market, Thailand 25 Jul 2016

Posted on 25 Jul 2016
Amphawa Floating Market, Thailand
Amphawa Floating Market, Thailand
Amphawa Floating Market, Thailand

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West of Bangkok, Thailand's capital city, lies the district of Amphawa, renowned for its floating market that anchors in front of the old Wat Amphawa each Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Many communities in the area had floating markets until roads superseded waterways over the last 30 years, and Amphawa was reopened following the tourism success of nearby Damnoen Saduak's floating market. However, it is smaller and has a more authentic atmosphere, with better shopping opportunities.

The bustling activity is matched by colourful fruit- and vegetable-laden wooden vessels, paddled by smiling women in wide-brimmed straw hats. Traditionally, smallholders would take their wares by boat to their local floating markets and sell them directly, while still bobbing on the water.

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