The tiny town of Atrani on the Amalfi Coast, Italy 02 Apr 2017

Posted on 02 Apr 2017
Atrani, Amalfi Coast
Atrani, Amalfi Coast
Atrani, Amalfi Coast

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With a population of just over 900 people, Atrani is one of the smallest communities in Italy, located to the east of Amalfi along the coast. The town is known for its black sandy beaches, which are unusual along the pebbly shores of the Amalfi Coast. The beaches are located just a few steps from the town centre, down stone staircases carved into the mountain. 

The town was first documented in 596AD but it is thought the area was inhabited before this time due to its traditional layout. Houses face the beach along the Tyrrhenian Sea, then group around the square, Piazza Umberto, and the Church of San Salvatore before being built up the mountain and along the valley of the River Dragone. Discover the picturesque views on Insight Guides’ Wonders of Rome and the Amalfi Coast holiday. 

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