Traditional Balinese building styles 12 Mar 2017

Posted on 12 Mar 2017
bali roof
bali roof
bali roof

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This is a traditional Balinese roof, thatched and tiered. Construction in Bali is very traditional. Natural materials are selected for building to allow structures to sit in harmony with their environment. Materials such as thatch palm fibres, bamboo, coconut and wood from various trees are used in construction.

Homes are not built as one structure but instead in complexes, with individual buildings housing different rooms. For example, the kitchen would be in a separate structure from the bedrooms. These are centred around a courtyard and sectioned off with gates. There are several concepts that underline Balinese architecture mostly owed to Balinese Hinduism. See numerous traditional structures on any of Insight Guides’ trips to Bali.

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