Cameo Island, Zákynthos, Greece 06 Oct 2018

Posted on 06 Oct 2018
Cameo Island, Zákynthos, Greece
Cameo Island, Zákynthos, Greece
Cameo Island, Zákynthos, Greece

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Fans of the Mamma Mia! movie may well recognise Cameo Island as the wedding venue in the film. Cameo is a tiny island off Laganás in Zákynthos. It is a lush, green, and stunning southern Ioanian island of the Greek archipelago. A tiny swinging wooden bridge leads from the town over to the small island where there you can bathe on a pebble beach or relax with a cool beverage at the bar. White scarfs hang from a line over the beach, waving in the wind. They are the icon of the small island. Island hop on Insight Guides' The Historical and Mythological Cyclades Islands trip or submit a trip request to create your personalised Greek Island tour.

This article was originally published on 21st February, 2016

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