Colourful Colombian streets, Guatapé 03 Jan 2017

Posted on 03 Jan 2017
Colourful Colombian streets, Guatapé
Colourful Colombian streets, Guatapé in northwestern Colombia, east of Medellín
Colourful Colombian streets, Guatapé

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Known for its zocalos (beautifully painted designs located at the lower parts of houses), Guatapé is a Colombian resort town filled with colourful colonial houses and dominated by a white and red church. The zocalos depicted here show the traditions of the townspeople such as farming and fishing, while others show political events and animals. The residents are proud of their creativity and showing off their sculpted designs for the enjoyment of others.

Guatapé is an Andean resort town found in northwest Colombia, east of Medellín. Add a stop here to your travel itinerary with Insight Guides: talk to a local expert today

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Casey French is a photographer from Wisconsin. After graduating with a degree in International Studies in 2012, he spent five months exploring South America. By visiting Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia, he created a portfolio of photographs from his travels that provide a glimpse into the lives of everyday people and their environment. 

His website is an integral part of his work, blending his personal experience with the beautiful history and customs behind each photograph: