Salt farming in Phetchaburi Province, Thailand 23 Feb 2017

Posted on 23 Feb 2017
Salt farming career in Phetchaburi ,Thailand
Salt farming career in Phetchaburi ,Thailand
Salt farming career in Phetchaburi ,Thailand

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Women shovel salt into woven baskets hanging from men's shoulders, trying to keep them in balance, in the Phetchaburi Province of Thailand. The salt collected is to be transported from these fields for cleaning and distribution.

Water from the Gulf of Thailand is pumped into dammed fields and then left to evaporate naturally from the heat of the sun. After about a month, the salt is ready to be harvested, scraped into piles and collected.

The Phetchaburi Province has a long history of salt production with Ban Laem being the largest producer of salt in the area. A salt festival is held here every year (early March); sculptures are made from harvested salt and market stalls sell locally-caught fresh seafood, salt and other products from the region. Add a visit to the salt fields to any of Insight Guides' trips to Thailand.

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