The hypnotic sand dunes of Huacachina, Peru 31 Dec 2016

Posted on 31 Dec 2016
The hypnotic sand dunes of Huacachina
Southwestern Peru's desert of sand dunes, close to Huacachina
The hypnotic sand dunes of Huacachina

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"After experiencing a tour over the Nazca lines, my brother Jesse and I decided to take the advice of other travellers and head north to visit Huacachina, a small desert oasis nestled amongst large sand dunes in southwest Peru. My favorite experience in Huacachina was sitting on top of the sand and watching the sunset fall behind the dunes. Even though the temperature dropped considerably, I was genuinely memorised by the endless sea of sand that glistened soft golden hues of yellow and orange. As the sun went down, the light had cast an outline of the dunes and illuminated the landscape. Although the climb to the top of the dunes was quite exhausting, there was nothing more rewarding than enjoying the view and soaking up the sun."

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Casey French is a photographer from Wisconsin. After graduating with a degree in International Studies in 2012, he spent five months exploring South America. By visiting Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia, he created a portfolio of photographs from his travels that provide a glimpse into the lives of everyday people and their environment. 

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