El Panecillo, Quito, Ecuador 03 Apr 2017

Posted on 03 Apr 2017
View of El Panecillo, Quito
View of El Panecillo, Quito
View of El Panecillo, Quito

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Snow-capped Cotopaxi volcano is unmissable amongst the other mountains that form the backdrop of Quito, Ecuador. El Panecillo lies in the forefront (located between southern and central Quito), a hill, 200-metres tall, of volcanic origin. Standing atop El Panecillo is a 45-metre aluminium statue of the Virgin Mary, which was erected in 1976. The statue has both unusual and classic features; the Virgin stands on a globe, stepping on a snake in a traditional style, however, she is represented with wings and in motion, which is unusual. 

The significance of El Panecillo as a holy place dates back thousands of years; a temple once stood on top of the hill where Indians went to worship the sun. Drive to the top of the hill or climb the 200-metres on Insight Guides’ Totally Wildlife – Galápagos and Amazon trip. 

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