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Wadi al-mujib, Jordan's Grand Canyon 26 Aug 2016

Posted on 26 Aug 2016
Wadi al-mujib, Jordan's Grand Canyon
Wadi al-mujib, Jordan's Grand Canyon
Wadi al-mujib, Jordan's Grand Canyon

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Running for nearly 75km (45 miles) from the Desert Highway almost to the Dead Sea, the Wadi al-mujib is popularly known as Jordan’s Grand Canyon, encompassing in the western section the 215 sq km (83 sq miles) Mujib Nature Reserve. Nothing prepares you for the plunge into the gash across the plateau which is the spectacular Wadi al-mujib, measuring up to 1km (0.5 miles) deep and up to 3.5km (2 miles) wide. The King’s Highway twists and winds its way down 900 metres (almost 3,000ft) to a dam at the bottom of the wadi. On the way, Roman milestones on the southern edge mark the course of the Roman road. At the north side of the wadi, there’s a good vantage point to admire the views and spot buzzards or other birds of prey soaring at eye level. 

The best way to explore the canyon and its waterfalls is on a hike. Insight Guides' Treasures of Jordan holiday takes in a trek along one of its five established trails. Along the way, you'll encounter the local resident ibex, caracals and striped hyenas.

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