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30 best travel Tweeters to follow in 2016 | Insight Guides Blog

30 best travel Tweeters to follow in 2016

Twitter. Photo: tanuha2001/Shutterstock

Twitter is the ideal medium for getting a tantalizing glimpse of someone else's life, which makes it the perfect place for fêted travellers to tell the world exactly what they're doing – in 140 characters or less, of course. Want to experience the world in the most wonderful (and sometimes ridiculous) ways in 2016? Here are our favorite travel Tweeters. Our top 10 features accounts you absolutely need to follow, then we've organized Tweeters 11 to 30 by type – rogue bloggers, beautiful photo accounts, news and guides sources, and big personalities. Get following!

The 30 best travel Tweeters to follow in 2016

1. Anthony Bourdain @Bourdain


Anthony Bourdain

Billing himself simply as “Enthusiast” with his location as “In transit”, celebrity chef and bon viveur Anthony Bourdain gives you a taste of his life on the road, Tweeting about the music he’s listening to, people he meets and of course, the food he's eating. And there’s no shortage of, erm, character in his Tweets: “Underrated, douche-free destinations” is an example of one of Bourdain's frank article recommendations.

2. Richard Branson @richardbranson


Richard Branson

The crown prince of travel himself, Virgin mogul Richard Branson is not shy of posting inspirational Tweets and stories of social and eco activism from around the world – as well as some awesomely geeky shots of himself as a young man.

3. Earth Pics @Earth_Pics


Earth Pics

The photos you'll see on Earth Pics every day run the gamut from the weird (the first apartment building to be covered in evergreen trees) to the wonderful (the Northern Lights) to the beautiful and, of course,  the extremely cute. Yes, we did just retweet that shot of the baby owl sheltering from the rain under a toadstool.

4. The Frugal Traveler @frugaltraveler


The Frugal Traveler

Seth Kugel is The New York Times' Frugal Traveler, offering tips on how to see the world on a budget ("How to have a $1,000 day in NYC for $100") , plus excellent accounts of his travels as featured in The Times, and personal photos.

5. Heather Poole @Heather_Poole


Heather Poole

Celebrity flight attendant Heather Poole is famed for her recent bestselling memoir, Cruising Attitude. Great, if you want to hear what flying is like from the other side of the drinks trolley – but be advised, Poole Tweets throughout the day, not unlike a regular crew member on the loudspeaker.

6. Humans of New York @humansofny


Humans of New York

Often imitated but rarely bettered, Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York series is an astonishing, ever-changing portrait of NYC. The first-hand accounts you'll find here are funny, moving, and completely fascinating, and act as a guide to city visitors as well as a reminder of what it is to be human.

7. Lois Pryce @loispryce


Lois Pryce

New to Twitter (with a strong Facebook following) adventure travel writer Lois Pryce won the hearts of readers with a sense of humour via her spirited travel books Lois on the Loose and Red Tape and White Knuckles. When she’s not racing around the world on her motorbike, she runs the Adventure Travel Film Festival with bike-riding husband Austin Vince.

"For me, the real joy of my journeys is not in heroic feats or exotic sunsets, but in connecting with other humans. This is what inspires me to hit the road," Pryce tells Insight Guides.

8. Luxe Tiffany @LuxeTiffany


Luxe Tiffany

There are many Twitter accounts out there pretending to be about luxury travel but actually just tweet out glib lifestyle epithets. Luxe Tiffany makes no bones about showing off the details of her fancy experiences (her first class seat on the plane is stuck in recline, etc.). Typical Tweet: “Have you ever driven the Amalfi Coast? It's spectacular.” Er, thanks Tiffany.

9. TwoBadTourists @twobadtourists



"For tourists, there's lots of pressure to go hyper-sightseeing. Instead, we suggest you try and experience each new place as if you live there." says Auston Matta, aka one of the Bad Tourists.

10. World Hum @worldhum


World Hum

Founded in 2001 by committed travel journo Jim Benning, World Hum offers exceptional personal travel essays. Typical recent posts include a meditation on the connection between walking and writing, and a wry account of eating guinea pig in Peru.

Independent bloggers

11. Ailish In Wonderland @ailish_casey "Travelblogger, with articles on veggie travel and dancing abroad"

"Always look on the bright side. There's something to be learned and some fun to be had in even the worst of travel experiences," Casey tells Insight Guides.

12. Justin Carmack @TrueNomads "Traveling the world on a mission to document the top 100 SCUBA sites on Earth"

13. Just One Way Ticket @Just1WayTicket "Top 50 Travel Blogger, Wannabe Photographer, Social Media Addict" 

"When you leave your comfort zones, you begin to realize what is beautiful about life," says Sabrina Iovino, the voice behind the tweets.

14. Kate McCulley @adventurouskate "Adventuring across 63 countries. Solo and indie travel for women!"

15. Megan Jerrard @mappingmegan "Tweets every hour with the best in adventure travel"

"Travelling full time may not be the most conventional lifestyle, though we have found that reality is negotiable and life can be whatever you want it to be!" Jerrard tells Insight Guides.

16. SuitcaseStories Blog @Suitcases2 "A Luxury Travel Blog; Tips, reviews, guides and stories to inspire travel"

Beautiful pictures

17. Fascinating Pictures @Fascinatingpics "Fascinating, funny, deep and hearthwarming pictures/videos"

18. Globe Pics @Globe_Pics "The most beautiful, crazy, stunning pictures of this earth"

19. Life on Earth @planetepics "peace l travel l green l animals l nature"

20. Raphael Alexander Zoren @journeywonders "Travel Photographer and Adventurer at Journey Wonders"

"To travel is to explore the many cultural and natural wonders that this great world of ours has to offer," Zoren tells Insight Guides. "I love it!"

Travel news and guides

21. BBC Travel @BBC_Travel "Inspiring you to fall in love with the world"

22. Condé Nast Traveler @CNTraveler "At home in the world"

23 .Guardian Travel @GuardianTravel "The latest travel news, insider guides, emerging destinations, new hotels and travel trends"

24. The Localist @LocalistTravel "New travel and culture site. All articles written by locals"

25. Lonely Planet @lonelyplanet "In-depth articles, inspiring photography, intrepid videos"

26. NatGeoTravel @NatGeoTravel "Your guide to traveling with passion and purpose"

27. Rough Guides @RoughGuides "Publisher of inspirational travel guidebooks & features"

Major league journalists

28. Samantha Brown @SamanthaBrown "Girl with the best job in the world"

29. Peter S. Greenberg @PeterSGreenberg "Travel Editor for CBS News"

30. Rick Steves @RickSteves "As a TV host and author, he encourages Americans to travel as temporary locals."