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Top 5 destinations for women travelling alone | Insight Guides Blog

Top 5 destinations for women travelling alone

One travel trend that's been on the increase in recent years, and is set to grow further in 2017, is women travelling on their own. It seems that more and more ladies are opting to ditch their companions and go solo. But where to travel on your first independent holiday? These five destinations are ideal if you're travelling on your own
Damonen saduak floating market in Bangkok.
Damonen saduak floating market in Bangkok. Photo: lzf/Shutterstock

If you're a woman with a case of wanderlust, here's a round-up of five destinations from around-the-world that are ideal for exploring solo 

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok definitely makes the list for popular solo travel destinations. A culturally rich mix of old and new, Bangkok offers up an infusion of modern restaurants, traditional architecture, and an unmatched eclectic energy. Travellers can split their time between chic, modern rooftop bars and the slew of extraordinary ancient temples and palaces that dot the city. For the on-her-own traveller looking to mingle with the locals, Bangkok's markets are a great place to start. 

Additionally, Bangkok is well-and-truly marked on the travel map: you'll find plenty of places in the city to meet other travellers. Plus, when you've had enough of city life, you can explore the country's world-famous islands or hike in the highlands. Experience both on one of Insight Guides' holidays: browse suggested (solo) holidays online now

2. Costa Rica

As well as the sprawling rainforests, exotic wildlife, and pristine shorelines, most visitors to Costa Rica will also find that they get a pretty good bang for their buck. The relatively inexpensive tropical paradise boasts active volcanoes and unparalleled natural sights. The botanical gems, stunning beaches, and off-the-beaten-path jungle trails are unlike anywhere else in the world. Costa Rica definitely lends itself to getting lost in the wilderness and exploring unchartered terrain, making it an ideal setting for the solo traveller in need of some soul searching.

Insight Guides' Costa Rica: Coast to Coast holiday travels to the country's highlights and is an ideal itinerary for the solo traveller. 

Fincas Maresia lodge, Bahia Drake, Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica. Photo: Nacho Such/ShutterstockFincas Maresia lodge, Bahia Drake, Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica. Photo: Nacho Such/Shutterstock

3. Spain

If you're looking for European culture, warm welcomes, delicious food and centuries of raucous history, Spain is a good place to start. The country is home to gorgeous cities, breathtaking mountains, and stretches of unbeatable coastline. Women with an itch for adventure can go it on foot, exploring one of the country's famous national parks or walking trails, such as the Camino de Santiago. For those travellers with a more luxurious solo travel experience in mind, Insight Guides' Cultural Cities of Spain holiday is a private tour of the country's most thrilling cities, including Barcelona, Seville, Madrid and Granada. 

4. Patagonia

The outdoorsy female traveller is sure to feel at home in the wilds of Patagonia. This region straddling both Chile and Argentina is known for incredible hiking trails, unmatched wilderness, and renowned national parks and landscapes. Chilly weather and unreliable conditions are usually par for the course – but, if anything, it only adds to Patagonia's charm. 

While the mountainous skyline makes for a hiker's paradise, the area is also known for its indulgent spas and resorts. Women travelling on their own will have no trouble finding a relaxing hotel to recharge in.

Experience it for yourself on Insight Guides' Wild Patagonia holiday: we'll organise all of your trip details so you'll never feel alone on the road.

5. Indonesia

Female travellers who love to grab-a-pack-and-go but are tired of the same old European hotspots will be a natural fit in Indonesia. From enchanting temples to laid-back beaches, Indonesia (and especially the islands of Bali, Sumba and Flores) is a welcome treat for solo travellers.

Again, like Bangkok, it sits firmly on the travel map and has a mix of travellers old and young to mingle with year-round. If you want to escape the crowds, however, travel with Insight Guides (this Indonesian Island Hop holiday has an easy mix of cultures and beaches) to steer clear of tourist traps and visit authentic, cultural sites. 

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