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Adventures in Paradise

Nangyuan Island, (photo by iStock)
Nangyuan Island

Thailand or paradise as I now call it is one of my favourite places in the world, here’s why.


After a few days in Thailand wearing flip-flops, swim shorts and t-shirts… carrying your essentials in a small backpack, and feeling the sun on your face as you adventure through new lands. Something starts to change within you.

You start to look at your life back home, through new eyes. When you’re feeling light and free whilst feeding your senses with wonder - you can’t help but question what it’s all about and whether life back home is somehow broken or missing something. 

My adventure always starts in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, stepping off a long flight - which I’ve always managed to get for less than £600rtn. I would recommend getting a flight which arrives late afternoon/early evening as this will really help to avoid the pains of jet lag. 

Upon my first visit, I stayed in Bangkok for a few days at the beginning - I’d recommend you stay for one night upon arrival, then add a night (or two if you’re there for a longer trip) at the end. Bangkok is an intense place and I found that a stay at the end for a night or two is enough to spend a few hours exploring MBK (a shopping mall with over 2000 stores) and squeezing in a couple of tourist spots. Bangkok has a mysterious way of making you change plans, keeping you there - but push ahead as there are so many more beautiful places to explore. 

Exploring Thailand is an adventure in itself, get prepared and hold on whichever option you choose. If you’re on a budget the bus network is super value and you can sleep on their night buses (saving a night of accommodation) especially helpful if you’re visiting for a month or longer. If you’re looking for more comfort, the railway network is popular and an experience. You can also fly, which is still very affordable and saves much time getting around. Whichever option, if you’re visiting the islands you’ll be greeted by the somewhat chaotic ferry system - get yourself a bottle of water, your headphones & have a nap, it’ll all be worth it.

Here are three of my favourite islands in Southern Thailand which have made this country one of my favourite places:

Koh Tao

This island swallowed me up and turned what was supposed be a 4 night stay into 12 nights, even then I had to force myself away from it’s beauty. Whether you like keeping busy with diving, snorkelling, water sports or if you just want to sit back and enjoy the wonderful beaches awaiting new eyes, this island is a gem which will satisfy the senses. 

Ko Pha Ngan

Home to the all-night beach party, this island is filled with people trying to find themselves. Amongst the themed parties happening almost every night and the monthly full moon party, there is so much more to explore here. From Yoga retreats, detox camps and super chilled hammock bars - whatever route you choose, this island is always ready for you.

Phi Phi Islands

This collection of islands has more adventure, beauty and perhaps a little mischief awaiting. With glorious white beaches, spectacular view points and many more hammocks to stop for a nap - you’ll feel so relaxed, the days will float on by.


Whatever route you decide to take, give your body some care at one of the many Thai massage spas, an hour long Thai massage can be as low as £3 and you can never have too many. They’re a great opportunity to take a break, rest your feet and let your brain digest everything - believe me, there is going to be so much to take in.

If you’ve been to Thailand, or plan on visiting - I’d love to know what feelings and thoughts you’ve had and whether a visit has been a catalyst of change in your life. Get in touch on our facebook or twitter, or send me an email

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By: Zack Young  |  Image Credits: iStock / Peter Stuckings / Apa Publications