Best Caribbean beaches for a winter escape

Church Valley Beach, Antigua, (photo by Dan Convey)
Church Valley Beach, Antigua

Find the best Caribbean beaches for winter sun as recommended by travel writer, Esme Fox, who found her top five beaches on a Caribbean cruise. Take a look. 


Valley Church: one of the best Caribbean beaches for local vibes

Head to Antigua for Valley Church Beach where the sea is such an intense milky blue it looks like a glacier melted in the Caribbean sun. The vibe here is relaxed which is probably why it appeals to both Antiguans and tourists. 

Facilities are few and mainly run to a beach bar and fresh coconut stall, so don't expect flashy resorts. Instead, Valley Church is about hanging with the locals and a stay at Wild Lotus Antigua reflects that mood perfectly. 

Reduit: one of the most stunning beaches on Saint Lucia

Reduit Beach is stunning, but also one of the most popular beaches in Saint Lucia. The sand is flour-like, waves are sapphire-blue and you even have open views towards Pigeon Island national park. 

This is very much a something for everyone beach. So you can hire lux sun loungers and umbrellas or find shade under frangipani trees. If you want fun sailing, there are banana boats, but you can also take sailing lessons. And if you want to do nothing at all, just chill at the beach bar. 

Reduit does get busy, although it’s big enough to find your own stretch of sand. In the heat of the day hang out in the water, cool down and keep an eye open for the fruit boat man. His rum punch filled pineapples are highly recommended. Can't resist a laid back beach? Stay at Mystique Saint Lucia overlooking Reduit. 


Batts Rock: the peaceful Barbados beach

Batts Rock isn't a classic Barbados beach so don't come looking for white sand or whispering palms. What it lacks in those iconic features, it more than makes up for with infinite peace and lots of local charm. 

The shore here is golden against a leafy forest backdrop. Don't be surprised to catch people practicing yoga on the sand and if you look closely, you even may even spot monkeys in the trees. One thing you won't see on Batts is a lot of tourists. 

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Batts Rock Beach, Barbados

 Peaceful and pretty Batts Rock Beach in Barbados 

Gibbs Cay Beach: a tropical paradise on Grand Turk

Grand Turk island actually feels like one long beach. So if you come by cruise ship you pretty much land on sand and lovely Gibbs Cay is a favoured landing spot. 

This popular beach is famous for powder-like sand edged with palm trees and tropical fish darting around in glass-clear seas. When it gets too busy, sail away to Gibbs Cay: the peaceful sandbar island nearby where stingrays swim close to shore. And if you aren't on a cruise, think about staying at Turks Head Inne


The absolutely stunning Gibbs Cay.

 Gibbs Cay, one of the best beaches in the Caribbean to see stingray

Devil’s Bay: a magical adventure on Virgin Gorda

One of my favourite Caribbean beaches, Devil’s Bay is part of Baths National Park on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin islands

Here giant granite boulders trim the sea and invite you to follow a trail through them that's partly a fun hike and mostly a thrilling, magical adventure. 

Look forward to delving into caves, climbing up ropes and scrambling about on the ladders that wind round the boulders. The entire experience takes about 30 minutes, and Devil’s Bay beach is the heavenly reward for your efforts. Stay at Bayview Vacation Apartments to indulge in more extraordinary Virgin Gorda adventures.  


Baths National Park on Virgin Gorda.

 Devil's Bay Beach on Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Cockleshell Beach: one of the prettiest beaches on Saint Kitts

You'll find Cockleshell Beach on a peninsula in the southeast of Saint Kitts. It's a local favourite and more than lives up to its pretty name, day and night.  

Come during the day for fabulous views of Nevis from the shore and a backdrop of lush green hills. Or hang on into the evening to enjoy lively beach bars and nightlife after the sun sets on the sands. 

If you only go once, go for the Spice Mill restaurant. It's right on the beach and loved for its cool take on classic Caribbean dishes. If you want to stay close by, Park Hyatt St. Kitts sits next to Cockleshell Beach. 

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