Best routes through the Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands tea plantation in Malaysia.
Cameron Highlands tea plantation in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, the Cameron Highlands are brimming with natural attractions on more than a dozen trails that bring you to mountain peaks, waterfalls and tea plantations. But veering off set paths and routes is ill-advised. Follow our tips and recommended routes to ensure an unforgettable outing for everyone.

"To take a break from the heat of the Peninsula, you can take a drive up to Cameron Highlands that let you enjoy a cooler temperature while sipping on a cup of freshly brewed tea (picked from the tea fields), while eating fresh strawberries, also freshly grown on the farms there," Tourism Malaysia tells Insight Guides. "For argriculture buffs and those seeking a little peace of mind, Cameron Highlands is an ideal destination while in Malaysia. One may easily get around by hiring a taxi, rental car or rental motorbike."

KJ Lai of Always Travelicious echoes the same, highlighting that there's no shortage of tea plantations, farms and nurseries to visit.

"My favourites are the ones off the main road, such as Kwan & Son's Grapes and Tomato Farm that produces juicy Kyoho grapes (in Kg Raja), and the dreamy Mossy Forest in Gunung Brinchang," says Lai.

Keeping safe

The disappearance of the highlands’ most famous missing person in 1967 is still surrounded by spirit-world, wild-animal and conspiracy theories. Somehow this has added weight to the otherwise standard precautions requiring visitors to tell someone which trail they are taking and to stick to the paths. Some trails are not well marked, so hikers do occasionally get lost even on some of the shorter trails. A guide is recommended, especially for longer hikes to Mount Brinchang and Mount Irau. As it usually rains in the evenings, start trekking in the morning; for shorter walks, setting off at least four hours before nightfall is advised. Bring water, snacks, camera, raincoat and a fully charged mobile phone (most trails have coverage). Most Cameron Highlands maps include the 14 walking trails ranging from easy to very tough.

Tea pickers in the Cameron Highlands. Photo: Shutterstock


A fairly easy and popular trek at Tanah Rata is the one-hour Robinson Descent (Path 9), which starts at the falls and goes downhill to the power station – the last stretch is fairly steep though. The longer and flatter Boh Road trail (Path 9A) branches off to the left at the top of Path 9 and leads to the Fairlie Boh Tea Estate road near Habu. Another easy route is Parit Falls (Path 4), a flat 20-minute stroll from the New Garden Inn to Taman Sedia, known for the KHM Strawberry Farm.

All these trails join up with the circular Mount Beremban track (the very tough Path 8 from Robinson Falls and the moderate Path 3 from Parit Falls). The trek is steep and you need to cross some streams. It takes about three hours to reach the 1,800-metre (5,900ft) peak, but the sunsets and sunrises are worth it – bring a tent and warm clothes if you intend to camp out. Path 3 behind the Arcadia Bungalow actually ends in Brinchang at the golf course, or joins Path 2 (tough), to go past the hilltop Sam Poh Temple into town. The Beremban track splinters at various parts, so ensure you take the correct path.

There is a trail that leads north from Brinchang up to 2,031-metre (6,664ft) Mount Brinchang (Path 1). It is a long and tough four-hour trek, and can be wet and slippery after rain. Keep your eyes open for pitcher plants in this damp and fern-rich mossy forest. A 200-metre (656ft) long Mossy Forest boardwalk loop gives you incredible views of the misty forest.

Breathtaking waterfalls in the Cameron Highlands. Photo: Shutterstock

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