Brazil: South America's Biggest Adventure

Aerial view of Christ Redeemer and Corcovado Mountain
Aerial view of Christ Redeemer and Corcovado Mountain. Photo: Shutterstock

First it was gold, then coffee drawing curious travelers to visit Brazil. These days, it's the nation's exotic sights and sounds that attract so many. This week we'll be focusing on this vast and varied country, bringing you blogs on everything from Rio's vibrant nightlife to the forthcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

Brazilians and foreigners alike have been gradually occupying the enormous empty spaces of this continent-sized country ever since the 16th century. The diverse population lives amid modern splendor in sprawling cities and in squalid deprivation in rural backwaters. They work in high-tech industries and push wooden plows behind laboring beasts. 

Perhaps nowhere on earth is the process of development as tangible as in Brazil. The dynamism of the country is its greatest achievement. Even in periods of stagnation, Brazilians continue to get on with the process of nation-building, and can now look forward to hosting the world at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in August. 

Where to start in Brazil

Visitors have always been slightly dazed by the sheer size of the country and its hidden riches. Amazing beaches and a vast array of wildlife and historical colonial towns are only a sample of the best that Brazil has to offer.

Although no longer Brazil's capital, Rio de Janeiro is the country's most iconic and gorgeous city. Everything from its spectacular natural landmarks to its busy, glitzy beaches must be seen to be believed. For the beautiful people of a beautiful city, hedonism coexists harmoniously with urban chaos, and there are few visitors who do not respond to Rio's vibrant appeal. 

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