Be a true fan in Brazil and learn these key Brazilian Portuguese football phrases

Playing football in Rio, (photo by Yadid Levy)
Playing football in Rio

Are you heading to Brazil for the football World Cup? Get ahead of the game and learn these key Brazilian Portuguese football phrases. 


Where’s the football pitch?                         

Onde é o estádio de futebol?

aund eh oo stah.dee.oo duh foo.tee.bawl


a football         

uma bola de futebol     

oo.muh baw.lah duh foo.tee.bawl


Can I/we play?           

Posso/podemos jogar?

Paw.soo/paw.duh.mooz jaw.gahr?


What time is the match? 

A que horas é o jogo? 

Ah kee aw.rahz eh oo


Who’s playing?           

Quem está jogando?

Kehm stah joh.guhn.doo


What’s the score?       

Quanto está o jogo?

Kwan.too stah oo


How much is the…?   

Quanto custa...?

Kwan.too coo.stah


football jersey                        

a camisa de futebol

uh cuh.mee.zuh duh foo.tee.bawl


football kit                  

o uniforme

oo oo.nee.fawr.mee


football scarf               

o cachecol

oo kash.kawl


Who won?                   

Quem ganhou?

Kehn guh.nyohw


the referee                  

o árbitro          

oo ahrr.bee.trroo


the goalkeeper

o goleiro

oo goh.lay.rroo






Pass the ball!               

Passa a bola!   

Pahss.ah uh baw.lah









Go/Come on! (cheering on)

Vai/Vamos lá!!/Vuh.mooz lah!



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