Canadian Thanksgiving

Minter Gardens, Vancouver, (photo by Tim Thompson)
Minter Gardens, Vancouver

Canadians celebrate thanksgiving on the second monday of October. On this day, the country gives thanks at the end of the harvest season. 

Churches are decorated with pumpkins, corn and other harvested products and families eat a celebratory meal with roasted turkey and all the trimmings.

The origins of thanksgiving in Canada can be traced back to 1578, when Englishman Martin Frobisher led a perilous journey in search of the Northwest Passage. The expedition was plagued with bad fortune and one of the ships, carrying materials to build a new settlement, was lost. The men that successfully made the crossing found their safe arrival so miraculous that they held a communion in thanks. 

Thanksgiving Day has been observed annually since 1879, although on varying days. It was officially declared as the second Monday in October in 1957.


Happy thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends!


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