Coucou, it's Paris week!

Perhaps the grandest and certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris is loved for its inimitable atmosphere and its many pleasures, from culture to haute cuisine. Rising like a phoenix after a harrowing 2015, Paris is ready to shine bright again as only the City of Light can.
Things to do in Paris: A Notre-Dame gargoyle enjoys a panoramic view of Paris
A Notre-Dame gargoyle enjoys a panoramic view of Paris. Photo: Shutterstock

Bienvenue to Paris week. There's no denying that Paris had its annus horribilis last year with two tragic terrorist attacks. The city is still hurting but Paris is a resilient city, and one that likes to have fun. This week, we help you explore its many delights, whether you're looking for the best restaurants, the top galleries or just want to entertain the kids. Are you a return visitor to Paris – or just want to go off the beaten track? We've got it covered with our insider tips not even locals know about. On y va?

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