Going to the Dogs in St. Johnsbury, VT

Labrador's training
Labrador's training

Artist Stephen Huneck and his wife created a playground for dogs and a place to remember lost pets at Dog Mountain.

The 150 acres surrounding the late artist’s studio is dedicated to dogs. There are fields for romping, trails for hiking, ponds for splashing, and mud for rolling in. Leashes are forbidden, and canines and humans can visit 24/7.

VT dogs chapel

In 2000, Huneck built the Dog Chapel. It’s a small-scale, typical New England-style church with a steeple and stained glass windows – the subjects are dogs – but there are no pews. Huneck wanted it to be a place where people could bring their living pets and have a place to reflect on the dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Every space on the walls is covered with photos and remembrances of beloved dogs.

VT dog chapel

Huneck’s studio sells his dog-inspired woodcuts to support the mountain (www.dogmt.com).

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