14 ways to say "I love you"

The language of love is here, whether that's French, Croatian or Turkish for you... Celebrate this Valentine's Day by saying "Je t'aime" 14 very different ways
Love padlocks on the bridge Pont des Arts in Paris. Photo: Shutterstock
Love padlocks on the bridge Pont des Arts in Paris. Photo: Shutterstock

The annual arrival of Valentine's Day on the 14th of February demands some romantic ideals, whether you are a fan of grand gestures or prefer to keep it low-key. The language of love is even said to be universal, but is it really? Insight Guides begs to differ. 

Below are 14 different ways to say "I love you" in European languages – impressive to even the most seasoned lothario or Valentine's Day sceptic.

Launch into your chosen language below or follow our simplified pronunciation to help you pronounce each phrase. It's easy to be romantic in a foreign language.

How to say I love you...


... in Croatian

Volim te 

voh•lihm teh


... in Czech

Miluji te

mih•loo•yih tyeh

... in Danish

Jeg elsker dig

yie ehl-skah die 

... in Dutch

Ik hou van je

ihk how fahn yuh

... in English

I love you

ai lUv yu


... in French

Je t’aime

zhuh tehm


... in German

Ich liebe dich

eekh lee•buh deekh

... in Italian

Ti amo

tee ah•moh

... in Norwegian

Jeg elsker deg

yay ehls•kuhr day

... in Portuguese

Te amo

teh uh•moo

... in Romanian

Te iubesc

teh yoobesc

... in Spanish

Te quiero

teh keeyeh•roh

... in Swedish

Jag älskar dig

yahg ehl•skar day

... in Turkish

Sizi seviyorum

see•zee seh•vee•yoh•room 


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