Insight launches new travel app with 10 fab cities!

Screenshot from London in the World Cities app, (photo by Apa Publications)
Screenshot from London in the World Cities app

Are you planning a city break? Got an iPad or an iPhone... or both? We've just launched a new travel guide app that you can download for free, have a play and then, if you like, buy from a range of ten top city break destinations (from Bruges to Hong Kong) – all in one app.

What sets these city guide apps apart? Here's our answer in the form of a little Q and A session...

I downloaded the World Cities app for free on my iPad, and then selected and bought Berlin – will it work on my iPhone too?

Yes, the app (and all the cities it contains) is designed for both iPhone and iPad, and if you have two devices linked to the same Apple ID, then any city you buy on one device can be downloaded onto the other at no extra charge.

City apps are often handy when you get to the city, but what about when you're planning a trip?

Each city guide within the World Cities app has an introduction, practical information and details on getting to and around the city. It will also be packed with carefully selected listings (from hip hotels to fun things for kids to all the unmissable attractions) that are easy to browse and to store as favourites.

Fine, but does this app do anything special when I get there? 

It does exactly what you'd want it to do when you're visiting a city – it tells you what's nearby. Just tap the 'I'm in...' locator button and you'll see the 10 nearest sights to your current location. And the photo gallery also magically shows pictures in order of their proximity to you.

I'm concerned about the cost of using my iPhone while I'm aboard. Will I incur data roaming charges?

Fear not! The detailed maps are completely usable offline, and the app uses the iPhone or iPad's GPS location to show where you are in relation to where you want to go. So, no data roaming costs. However, if you have a wifi connection, then you do have the option to go online for even greater map detail.

So I followed one of the app's recommended itineraries. But can I make one of my own?

In each city, we've created three great walks for you, but it's easy to put together your own itinerary. Just choose from any of the city's listings – and then the app will join the dots on a map for you to follow.

I've just got to a restaurant, but I don't know how to order in the local language. Can the app help?

It certainly can! All non-English speaking cities have an extensive audio phrasebook, so you can select the phrase you need and, if you're brave enough, you can simply press a button and let the app do the ordering!

I like the look of this app, but can I try before I buy?

We want you to see all these great features in action, so the World Cities app has a free sampler preloaded into the app, with one area from each of the ten cities and basic phrases from seven different languages. Have a look and then buy a city!

Hold on – did you say Bruges is in there? 

Yes, it's popular destination with our readers, and as well as some of the classic European cities, we've also got great cities in the US and China. The full list is Barcelona, Berlin, Bruges, Hong Kong, London, New York City, Paris, Rome, San Francisco and Shanghai.

Enough with the questions, how do I get one?

 You can find out more details about the Insight Guide World Cities app here, or download it for free from the App Store here.