Mauritia – the most exciting travel destination you've never heard of

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We were very excited when we first heard the news that a lost continent had been found beneath the Indian Ocean; in our quest to guide you around the world, we have a brand new destination to focus on – and with no competition in the travel guide market! 

Named Mauritia, the ancient landmass fragmented thousands of years ago, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore the best it has to offer, which include a whole host of underwater activities.

Our cartographers are already hard at work plotting out the best spots to enjoy the waves, we've chartered a seaplane for one of our authors to get out there ASAP, and we’ll be commissioning an underwater photographer to grab the best shots of what is sure to be the hottest - and wettest - destination in 2013. 

Sneak a peek at the cover of the guide, too – capturing all the glory of this sunken land.


Mauritia Fact File

Weather: Extremely high humidity, over 100% (bring a towel)

Crime: Very low, but occasional instances of shark-on-shark violence

Dress: Very informal throughout the region, swimming trunks acceptable almost everywhere

Cuisine: Probably best not to visit unless you like seafood

Shopping: Not so much, but you can probably pick up a few nice shells

Nightlife: Samba night every 2nd Tuesday at Sebastian’s Grotto



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