It's time to think about holidays next year! These are our plans, what are yours?

Sydney signpost, (photo by Apa Publications Ltd)
Sydney signpost

The team at Insight love going on holiday. We love thinking about holidays. We love talking about holidays! So we thought we'd share our 2014 travel plans with you. Here's where we're off to next year. Leave us a comment and tell us where you're going!


SarahIn summer 2014 I will be travelling to my mum's hometown of Chicago for a massive family reunion. In between the activities, I'll be making trips to the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor of the Hancock Building for a cocktail with an unsurpassable view, the Art Institute for a Hopper and Seurat fix, and the Oak Street Beach for sunbathing and a classic hot dog by Lake Michigan. I will also be heading off on a long weekend in Cornwall's St Ives for a classic seaside retreat. My dream destinations for the year – if the holiday gods were to smile on me – are Greece, Kerala and Cambodia.


James: This year I am being press ganged by the family into a beach holiday but will try and steer them to Sicily or Naples for volcano-based excursions. Also looking at some short breaks to Suffolk, Norfolk and I think Berlin. I will try and pop back up to Iceland for the currently spectacular Northern Lights. 


Tom: I'd love 2014 to be the year I finally make it to Australia, but given that I haven't started planning or saving it looks unlikely! Maybe Iceland – working on the new edition of the Insight Guide has really got me in the mood to sample its breathtaking scenery. Rome is a city I've long wanted to visit and I'm itching to get back to New York City at some point too.


Zoe: I'm going skiing again in March, back to Chamonix for the 2014 season. Another snow bunny hits the slopes...


Becky: 2014 will be the year that I go to North America for the first time. I'm going to New York for a week, where I hope to be a true tourist and see everything from the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty. In summer I want to go to Canada; I have friends in Ontario so I hope to spend some time with them exploring Toronto and Niagara Falls and then travel up to Quebec to see Montreal and Quebec City. I may also try and squeeze in a cheeky weekend to Lisbon.


Mark: In February, I'm heading to Boracay Island in the Philippines to celebrate Chinese New Year and meet friends based in Hong Kong. I've been there twice before and given the recent problems the country has faced, I feel it's even more important to visit in 2014. Borocay has lots to offer, wonderful beaches, fresh mango daiquiris, superlative sunsets and everyone is so friendly. I cant wait to visit D'Talipapa Seafood Market where you buy fresh fish, prawns and lobster then take it to one of the simple restaurants surrounding the market where they cook it for you. I am counting down the days until I will be on the small boat over to the island from Caticlan! I also plan to celebrate my partner's 40th birthday with a visit to Petra in southern Jordan, it looks amazing and we've both wanted to visit for a while.


Emile: My in-laws are doing a river cruise up the Seine, so we are going to meet them at the end in Paris for a few days. This is quite exciting for me as I haven't really visited Paris properly since I was a child, so I'm looking forward to revisiting all the main tourist sites. It will also be a great chance to impress the in-laws by attempting to order food in terrible schoolboy French.


Paul: I am looking forward to travelling all the way from the north of Morocco to the Sahara desert in January. All in under 8 days. Should be manic but lots of fun.


Rachel: In 2014 I'll be attempting to take my one-year-old daughter abroad for the first time. I shall be discovering how child-friendly Venice is and doing my best to stop her falling in any canals. 



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