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4 reasons why you should book your next trip now | Insight Guides Blog

4 reasons why you should book your next trip now

Now the Christmas holidays have passed and you’ve had a day or two to overcome the food coma you’ve no likely endured, it’s time to focus on something fantastic for 2018. Here's why you should get your next holiday, whether it's an adventure through the Himalayan mountains or a luxury city break to Madrid, in the diary now
Novice Monk fire candles to the Buddha. Photo: Shutterstock
Novice Monk fire candles to the Buddha. Photo: Shutterstock

Get your first trip for 2017 settled now; you can thank us later! Photo: Shutterstock

1. You’ll avoid the winter blues

Once January rolls around and you're back to work, the winter blues will creep up on you and leave you feeling low. SADS is officially a winter-disorder, where the dark days, gloomy weather and post-Christmas slump leave us feeling depressed and pining for summer. Booking a trip now gives you something to focus on and then look forward to in the cold weeks ahead. (Keep an eye-out next week for our other favourite ways to banish the January blues). 

2. You have the time to plan properly

Chances are, post-Christmas, you may have a day or two to yourself to really mull over where you want to travel, what you want to do there, and what kind of budget you can allow for. Take advantage of the me-time you have now and plan out a trip you’ve always dreamt of taking. And, don’t forget, our local experts are on-hand to help with the finer details: get in touch today.  

3. You’ll beat your colleagues with your AL request

A slightly petty one, perhaps, but no-one likes to discover they can’t take a trip because a colleague beat them to an annual leave request. Get yours in early when you return to work in the New Year, then you'll have plenty to look forward to over the coming months. And you'll be the envy of your teammates too. 

4. You’ll often save money by booking ahead

Depending on where you want to travel, a little buffer time can help when booking a trip during peak seasons. While taking a trip last-minute is a popular choice for many, deals are often harder and more stressful to source. Preparing well often pays off; especially when the experts are involved...

What are you waiting for? 

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