Thanks for taking us with you, Reese!

Last month, Reese Witherspoon travelled to New Zealand with an Insight Guides book, which we tend to think is an unforgettable travel companion…
Reese Witherspoon takes Insight Guides to New Zealand
Reese Witherspoon takes Insight Guides to New Zealand

Reese Witherspoon travelled around New Zealand with an Insight Guides book. Photos: Reese Witherspoon / Instagram

Whether it’s posing with a Paris Pocket Guide in front of the Eiffel Tower or tracking down a front-cover photo in remote deserts, we love to see readers travelling the world with our guidebooks or on our tailor-made holidays. But it was a pleasant surprise when we stumbled across photos of Reese Witherspoon travelling in New Zealand, accompanied by Insight Guides New Zealand.

Sarah Clark, managing editor at Insight Guides, says: “The publishing team were all delighted when we saw Reese’s photos. We really enjoy seeing our books in use and receiving feedback, but it’s great when we see such a high-profile and inspiring person reading them too."

Insight Guides New Zealand is one of our long-time bestsellers and really brings this stunning destination to life. To see Reese enjoying the book both before her trip and on the ground makes us very proud! All I can add is that I hope it gave her the guidance that she was looking for while she was travelling.”

Reese has been touring New Zealand while shooting her new film, Wrinkle in Time, which is due for release in April 2018. In an attempt to track down more filming locations to continue assisting with travel advice, we discovered the remainder of the film will be shot in California. As Reese’s home state, we think she’s enough of an expert on this destination already... 

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