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Ski Dubai: Ready to hit the slopes? | Insight Guides Blog

Ski Dubai: Ready to hit the slopes?

Lunch overlooking the slopes at Ski Dubai
Lunch in front of Ski Dubai. Photo: Shutterstock

Ready to go skiing in Dubai? The fantastical Ski Dubai has its home in a majestic shopping emporium, Mall of the Emirates, that lies just off the main highway that runs straight through the city - the famous Sheikh Zayed Road. It's not only the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East, it's also the first in the world. At "reception," expect to be greeted with skiiers shuffling past in full snow gear, skis over their shoulders and a pass around their neck. Booths hold snow boots, jackets and salopettes, and ladies' and men's locker rooms are to the side for you to change and store your gear. And you'll need it all because once you're on the slopes, another world awaits.

Inside the incredible Ski Dubai. Photo: Shutterstock

Arrival on the actual slopes are a shock to the system, especially on a typical Dubai summer's day when the mercury is touching 48°C (118°F) outside. It's genuinely cold in there (temperatures are maintained at -1°C to -2°C (30°F to 28°F), and you'll be stunned by the regular falls of artificial snow and the soft, padded snowy surface beaneath your feet; all rather ingeniously produced through top of the range coolers and snow guns imbedded in the ceiling. Overnight, fresh snow is made by lowering the temperatures inside the ski dome further - 20 tonnes of snow is produced daily to provide a genuine ski and snowboarding experience. The water resulting from the old snow is then pumped back into the air conditioning systems that are used throughout the mall.

This is the world’s largest indoor snow park, with an alpine ski slope offering five runs of varying levels of difficulty, a snowboarding area, ski lifts, and even an Alpine-style café. It truly is a surreal experience, right there in the middle of the desert. If nothing else, it's a great place to cool off.

There's a whole host of ski school classes available for adults and children alike. Ski Dubai is open Sun–Wed 10am–10pm, Thu–Sat 10am–midnight. 

Ski Dubai is located at Mall of the Emirates. Photo: Shutterstock

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