The Insight Guides Travel Crossword Competition

Enter Insight's travel crossword competition!
Enter Insight's travel crossword competition!

The 21st of December marks 100 years since the very first crossword was published, and to mark the occasion Insight Guides have produced our very own travel-related cryptic crossword for your enjoyment.


The competition

And if the warm glow of satisfaction at solving the crossword isn't reward enough, you can also use the letters in the red squares to discover a mystery destination and enter our competition to win three guidebooks of your choice from the Insight Guides shop.

To enter the competition, solve the crossword, then submit your answer using the entry form below by 15 January. We'll contact the winner shortly after and annouce the result on 20 January.

Good luck!


The crossword

Click the link or the image below to download a printable pdf version of the Insight Guides crossword...


Insight travel cryptic crossword



1 Turn down the fortified wine to show I.D. (8)

4 City becomes more strange (4)

8 Confused, breaks into an upturned state (8)

9 How one prepared for the beach season? Expired consuming endless cuppa (6)

11 Fresco, for example, might at first be found by a mountain range (5)

12 Traveller with a view that is out of this world (9)

14 A trick by nine eating pork in a ski resort (8)

17 Home for one's Insight Guides perhaps includes a drunk chef amidst the immoral (8)

20 Tourist attraction comes to a mixed-up looney end (6,3)

22 Joke gets umpteen laughs primarily in Russian camp (5)

23 West-end performance cut short features Angry Birds, say, or a Greek poet (6)

24 Mexican folk spoil a rich aim (8)

25 Afghani leaders conceal winter cruise destination (4)

26 French authority confused man and greed (8)



1 Pipe player, Alabama, entertains a Massachusetts prison for American passage (6,5)

2 Tiger, perhaps from South Portugal or Spain? (8)

3 Gym a right laugh initially for tropical diver’s purpose (5)

5 Missing: Headless single indefinite article in Ancient Roman port (5)

6 Topless x for the worst part of vacation (3)

7 Test for someone to take you overseas (5)

10 Put away behind schedule, lacking fifty (3)

13 Insight, say, lured it and gave mixed-up result (6,5)

15 (8)

16 The French vehicle follows taxi to find another means of transport (5,3)

18 Secures, we hear, bodies of water? (5)

19 A rapid stream where you might find 7 (3)

21 Turbulent plane in Asia (5)

22 Escaped daily for fun in the 23 (5)

23 Second, a French local star (3)


Questions set by Emile @ Insight


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