The staff destination wish list for 2013


Happy New Year everybody. We hope you have had a great festive break and hope you are taking advantage of our free offer on the Insight City Apps (January the 1st only!)

We asked some of the staff at Insight Guides HQ to look forward to 2013 and reveal their personal destinations for the year. 



"We've always tried to choose our travel destinations by a certain set of criteria (cathedrals, castles, etc.), but for 2013 we've decided to be a bit random. We're going to choose our destination by only going to places that begin with the letter "i":  Istanbul, Ireland, Iceland, Italy ... it seems as good a reason as any!"  


2013 is going to be the year that I make it to Australia! Some good friends have moved out there and so I'm going to visit and do a bit of a tour, taking in Melbourne and Sydney. I also want to stop off in Hong Kong on the way - I've always wanted to go and it will break up the horrendously long flight!   


"I've had enough of not having been to New York and Boston, so this is going to change next year. Bars, coffee shops and diners will be in order to top up my energy levels after numerous museum visits, the walk along the High Line and a trip to Fenway Park"  


"This year is hopefully the year I finally get to Tokyo.  My wife and I have had a fascination with the city for the last 18 years but we have yet to actually set foot in Japan. The presence of two daughters now means we are looking at more family friendly pursuits and sightseeing so a visit to the Studio Ghibli Museum would be a must."  


“2013 will be the year to travel to Paris, a visit to the Musée du Louvre, Arch de Triumph and much more. A chance to learn some French and take in the history of such a beautiful city. Art has been my one love since a child, Paris is defiantly one of many places that is full of rich artistic character.”  



"I'm hoping to arrange a vineyard tour in France. After years of trying and failing to educate myself about wine, perhaps visiting some of the vineyards in person will help me remember which wines I like."  


"My dream destination for NYE next year would be Brazil or more specifically Rio especially as I’ve yet to visit any part of South America. I'm ready to soak up the atmosphere with all the beach parties and fireworks and there is so much to see and do there once the hangover goes too! "


Where are you off to to in 2013?