Travel Photography Contest - The Staff Favourites (Part 1 of 2)

Blue footed booby feet. Photo: Shutterstock (illustration)
Blue footed booby feet. Photo: Shutterstock (illustration)

After the travel photography competition results were announced early this week, the staff at Insight wanted to share some of their favourite entries. These personal selections are shown below. 

The entries this year were wonderful, displaying excellent skill and a sharply focused eye.  The images covered an astounding mix of subjects from destinations spanning the globe, from France to India, Thailand to Armenia, Iraq to Granada. Interestingly we had quite a number of entries (including the winner's) capturing Myanmar (Burma). This is clearly a good sign of the country's re-emergence as a fantastic destination.

We look forward to passing the commission on to Dominic and seeing the resulting photographs; with images such as those he entered the resulting book should be beautiful.

Thanks again to all who entered. 


Alex's Favourite 

Jacek Obloj: Morocco

"This pic makes use of this walled environment's inherent colour to create a striking image – it's cleverly composed to pick up the blue in the cat's eyes, leading you into an otherworldly scene..."


Tom's Favourites  

Peter Cain: Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

"The colours in this strange-looking landscape are really striking – and I love the lone figure photographing the flamingoes on the lake."

Matt Perry: Lucerne

"I love the beautiful early morning light and the sense of peace in this picture of Lucerne."


Sarah's Favourite  

Jim Shannon: Kairouan, Tunisia

"Jim's photo soulfully captures the atmosphere of these Tunisian streets - you can feel the the heat and stillness of the day, only broken by this boy and his shadow."


Astrid's Favourites  

Derek Bates: Fort Augustus, Scotland

"This photograph evokes the concept of "the journey", of traveling without a set destination, just to see where you may end up. There are dark and ominous clouds, but this is well balanced by the warm colors of the grass and track. It's a strong and effective composition."

Peter Curno: Cyprus

"The moment I saw this photograph I thought "Ooh, I want to go there!", and to me, that is the essence of travel photography. A picture that inspires you to go somewhere, meet new people, and experience new things. The colors in this example are particular vibrant, and I love the composition with the fountain in the foreground and the slightly awkward angles in relation to the building in the background."


James's Favourites  

Jenna Sue-Wong: Blue footed boobies, Isla Seymour Norte, Ecuador

"There is something so utterely engaging about the feet of the blue boobie, I love that this photo is totally absorbed in their almost mesmirisingly rich colour. There is of course the mystery of the image, where on earth are they? With feet like that it must be somewhere amazing! The shadows beneath the birds add a great depth, lovely shot."

Priya Khetarpal

"I'm a sucker for a great sky shot and this stands out. The children's focus on the kite is absolute, they may not even be noticing the mountainous horizon, only their strikingly yellow kite. The mountains are heightened by having the children's heads below their peaks, and the addition of a rusting slide really anchors the children to the ground. Wonderful."


Thanks again to all that entered, we will share some more great photos next week.