Red howler monkeys with their young 11 Jan 2017

Posted on 11 Jan 2017
Red howler monkeys with baby
Red howler monkeys with baby
Red howler monkeys with baby

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Red howler monkeys can be found in rainforests across South America roaring in the trees, from dusk until dawn. Their calls are so loud they can be heard up to three miles away. The calls are used to warn other troops that an area is occupied to avoid confrontation and when competing for food. They spend most of their time in the trees following the dominant male slowly around the forest in a quest to find food. 

Females of the troop give birth to one baby, 140 days after mating. The baby is born with enough strength to grip their mother's belly fur while she continues the search for food. The baby continues to grip to its mother for up to a year. 

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