Saldang village, high in the mountains of western Nepal 22 Sep 2016

Posted on 22 Sep 2016
Saldang village, high in the mountains of western Nepal
Saldang village, high in the mountains of western Nepal
Saldang village, high in the mountains of western Nepal

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Far removed from the rest of the country, western Nepal is a land apart, an untamed and sparsely populated region offering rich rewards for the hardy and determined traveller.

Trekkers bound for west Nepal enter a world far removed from the teahouses of the south. Only the hardy need apply – those willing to weather the difficulties for the great rewards of more isolated and rugged Nepal. Except for the Terai and silt-fed valleys, the region is agriculturally impoverished. All food and drink must be carried in as there are few opportunities to restock.

Customarily ill-prepared to accommodate outsiders – peoples such as the Thakuris consider it polluting to house a foreigner and so there is no tradition of trekking lodges here – tents and camping equipment are also required. A reliable trekking guide is invaluable in finding elusive paths and dealing with non-English speaking porters. Travel to the remote west is no easy jaunt. While the high Mugu and Limi valleys in Humla have been opened to permit-holding hikers and a number of operators offer organised trips here, facilities are almost non-existent, access is difficult, and the terrain wild. This is one of the poorest and most remote parts of Nepal, and a trek here still has many of the characteristics of a genuine expedition – thrilling, authentic and rewarding, but not to be undertaken lightly.

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