10 photos to make you fall in love with Nepal

Nepal is of course the home of the world-famous Mount Everest, but there's more to see and do here aside from trekking to base camp. We're convinced the following 10 photos will make you want to book your trip there now...
Boudhanath is the largest stupa in Nepal and one of the most flourishing centres of Tibetan Buddhism in the world
Boudhanath, Kathmandu, Nepal

1. Who wouldn't want to eat breakfast with this view?

Talk about a room with a view! Yeti Mountain Homes are scattered about the Everest region, with six lodges altogether. Luckily for you, overnight stops in two of them are included on Insight Guides' Exclusive Everest trip. What are you waiting for? 


2.  Temples and traditions are all around you

It's safe to say Nepal is a spiritual, traditional country. You'll find reminders of this everywhere you look, from grand temples like Boudhanath to flimsy prayer flags waving in the wind. As the largest stupa in Nepal, Boudhanath is one of the most flourishing centres of Tibetan Buddhism in the world. West of the city, you'll find Swayambhu (pictured); another important site for Nepalese and Tibetan Buddhists. Explore both during your time in Kathmandu on Insight Guides' Himalayan Family Adventure.

3. Mountains like these simply can't be ignored

The photo caption says it all. Once you've seen them, you'll never look at a non-Nepalese mountain the same again. Prepare to be bewitched by Nepal's natural, stunning beauty. 

4. Nepal isn't all about mountains...

There are not just mountains to fall in love with. You'll find a range of terrains, landscapes and activities to explore, including the deepest gorge in the world: the Kali Gandaki. Would you dare to cross this bridge? Take the plunge on Insight Guides' Annapurna Adventure.

5. ...but, of course, there's plenty more mountains to leave you dumbstruck too

Just look at them! How can you resist a trip to explore these magnificent landscapes Nepal is home to? Insight Guides' Exclusive Everest tour will take you to the very best and beyond.

6. Hiking isn't the only way to get around

If your legs get tired or you're not a natural trooper, take on an alternative adventure instead. There's plenty on offer from Everest mountain flights to horseback rides, rafting the Trisuli River to mountain biking, all of which are included on our suggested trip itineraries

7. Even the most remote locations have secret places to see

Around every corner, down every narrow street, as you reach a new bend in the road, you'll discover something new in Nepal. Getting truly off-the-beaten-track is key to finding the most beautiful views in the country.

8. There is incredible wildlife to track down too

Not got your fill of adventure? Track down the country's best wildlife in Chitwan National Park, another unmissable stop on Insight Guides' Himalayan Family Adventure. Get lucky and you'll spot both tigers and rhinos.

9. You can relax in luxurious settings like these...

We are here to help you take an unforgettable adventure in Nepal, and that includes finding you the best, most luxurious hotels to stay in too. Dwarika's Hotel, as pictured above, offers guests a regal experience and will make your stay in Kathmandu as part of Insight Guides' Exclusive Everest holiday extra special. 

10. And make the most of those epic surroundings...

We'll just leave this photo here for you. Oh, and a link to our suggested trip itineraries...

This blog was originally published on September 7, 2016.

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