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Sunset at Halong Bay, Vietnam | Insight Guides Blog

Sunset at Halong Bay, Vietnam 18 Mar 2017

Posted on 18 Mar 2017
Sunset at Halong Bay
Sunset at Halong Bay
Sunset at Halong Bay

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The sun sets behind one of the thousands of limestone pillars protruding from the emerald water of Halong Bay, Vietnam. Over 1,600 islands and islets have formed over millions of years, as the tropical wet climate weathered the limestone rock, creating the karst seascape seen in the bay. 

The geology of this area has encouraged biological diversity both above and below the water. Island and islets, mostly uninhabited by humans, contain tropical evergreen biosystems while underneath the blue there is an oceanic and seashore biosystem. These are both home to endemic species, 14 floral and 60 faunal. Cruise around Halong Bay on Insight Guides’ Very Vietnam trip.

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