Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office 22 May 2016

Posted on 22 May 2016
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office

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Tokyo's futuristic design extends to its local government building. Designed by award-winning architect Kenzo Tange, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office has a monumental yet elegant design, with a walkway connecting twin 48-storey towers. 

A sprawling stretch of concrete and neon, Tokyo is a glitzy metropolis that's nothing short of dazzling. Among its top attractions is the Imperial Palace, with the upscale shopping hub of Ginza resting on the opposite side of Tokyo Station. Here travellers can enjoy excellent museums and over-the-top shopping centers, not to mention fantastic cafes and restaurants.

Just southwest of Ginza is where you'll find Roppongi, the bustling center of Tokyo's nightlife and bar scene. For other excellent drinking and dining options, venture to Asakusa. (This is also where you'll find the famous Buddhist temple of Senso-Ji, along with the Tokyo Skytree; a positively tremendous skyscaper.) Meanwhile, in Roppongi Hills, upscale housing and luxury shopping are all the rage.

To the west, in Shibuya, entertainment and fashion burst to life; as does the youth culture of Japan. If you find yourself in the area, do take a stroll down Omotesando - the famous avenue is considered the ultimate in Japanese fashion. The modern architecture here is also jaw-dropping, representing the work of some of the best designers from around the globe.

If it's sky-kissing high-rises, charming boutiques, and fabulous shopping centers you're after, look no further than Shinjuku in the north. This is where visitors can stumble into the New National Theatre and Tokyo City Hall. In other words, this is contemporary Japan at its best. For a bit of tranquility, check out Shinjuku Gyoen; a breathtaking traditional garden at the center of it all.
Speaking of gardens, to see absolutely stunning cherry blossoms, head north of Tokyo to Ueno. The local park boasts a beautiful collection. Ueno is also home to some of the best museums Japan has to offer.

Of course, the destinations mentioned above only just begin to scratch the surface where spectacular Japanese culture is concerned. If you had only one day to spend in here, where would you go?

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