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U Bein Bridge, Myanmar 30 May 2017

Posted on 30 May 2017
U Bein bridge, Myanmar
U Bein bridge, Myanmar
U Bein bridge, Myanmar

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To the south of Amarapura lies Lake Taungthaman, a seasonal body of water spanned by the 1.2km (0.7mile) U Bein Bridge. Constructed from teak planks, it takes 15 minutes to cross on foot and is best viewed in the early morning or at sunset. It was erected to aid locals in their journey from their remote villages to work, cutting travelling time. It has become increasingly popular with tourists and is now a source of income to numerous souvenir sellers. Walk across the U Bein Bridge and watch the sunset on Insight Guides' Myanmar In-depth trip. 

This article was originally published on 28th September, 2015

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