What is a tailor-made holiday?

You may wonder exactly what we offer with our ‘tailor-made’ holidays and trips. A tailor-made holiday is fully personalised to you. It is crafted to your needs, interests and budget by an expert. And because we are tailor-made holiday specialists, it fits you perfectly, like a tailor-made suit.
Novice in the window of Myanmar's temple. Photo: Shutterstock
Novice in the window of Myanmar's temple. Photo: Shutterstock

On a tailor-made holiday, you decide when to go, how long to travel for, and exactly what to see in each place you visit. A local travel expert takes care of the planning and booking for you. No two tailor-made travel experiences are ever the same.

All of our tailor-made trips are private tours, and you can choose to have an English-speaking guide or driver with you for the whole of the trip. A tailor-made private tour offers more ease and security than independent travel, especially in countries where there is a language barrier. Your travel expert will be on hand to assist at all times, and a 24/7 emergency number is provided for when you’re in the destination.

Why should I choose tailor-made travel?

A tailor-made trip truly is a dream trip. You get to do everything that you want, your way. An expert takes care of all the organising, saving you the stress. But you remain in full control of the planning process, from start to finish. You liaise with a travel expert, who is your main point of contact. This expert not only looks to secure the best options available, but also to save you money by seeking preferential rates for activities and accommodation.

With a personalised itinerary, you don’t have to spend any of your holiday time planning where to go or what to do next. And you don’t need to worry about missed connections, transfers or tourist scams. Your guide or driver will always be there to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Photo: Shutterstock

Who is tailor-made travel for?

Tailor-made holidays are tailored to each traveller. They are ideal trips for those who consider themselves true travellers. If you’re looking for authentic experiences and prefer to spend more time with locals than tourists, then tailor-made travel is perfect for you. 

With a local expert’s knowledge and your own private guide, you can gain a deeper insight into local culture. Based on your interests and preferences, the local expert can recommend places to go and people to meet that you might never have considered. 

Tailor-made travel is ideal when travelling as a family, or as a group of travellers of different ages. Keeping everyone happy can be a challenge when planning a trip yourself, but a local expert can organise a range of activities to suit everyone. And on a tailor-made trip, there is full flexibility to travel at your own pace.

Tailor-made itineraries also offer opportunities to accommodate special interests, such as history, pilgrimages or tracing family heritage, with a plan to see places that are not necessarily on the tourist trail.

How does tailor-made travel work?

To start planning your tailor-made private tour with us, you can create an itinerary from scratch, or modify one of our suggested itineraries. Whether your trip is a few days’ or a few weeks’ long, our local travel experts will craft a unique, personalised itinerary, fully tailored to your wishes. Want to stay in that quirky hotel, or visit a particular film location? They will will make it happen. 

When you’re happy with every detail, you pay securely online, relax, and look forward to your departure. 

Patagonia's ice trekkers. Photo: ShutterstockPatagonia's ice trekkers. Photo: Shutterstock

How much does tailor-made travel cost? 

A tailor-made trip may look a little more expensive, but you pay the full price of the holiday in one convenient package. This price includes hotels, transfers and trip experiences as indicated, as well as all meals featured in the itinerary. The local travel expert’s fee for advice and time spent booking the trip is included, as is the cost of your private guide or driver. 

With our tailor-made private tours, inbound flights to the destination are not included in the price. You have the freedom to book these yourself, on your preferred airline and route. During the trip, all domestic flights and transfers are included. 

Why should you trust Insight Guides for tailor-made travel?

At Insight Guides, we have 45 years of experience that help us to successfully plan your next adventure. As well as our popular guidebooks, we now connect you with hand-picked local travel experts who know your destination better than anyone else, because they live there. 

We take pride in offering the same level of quality, fact-checked authority and assurance on our booking platform as you can find in our guide books. All payments are processed through our secure platform and your booking is covered by our money-back guarantee. Let our local travel experts take care of the details, so you can spend less time planning, more time travelling.

To book your own tailor-made private tour, simply get in touch to share your ideas for the trip and let us know when you would like to travel. We will then create an itinerary for you based entirely on your own personal preferences.