10 best travel boards on Pinterest

In need of a little travel inspiration? These Pinterest travel boards should do the trick.
Screenshot of Pintrest account of Kirsten Alana
Screenshot of Pintrest account of Kirsten Alana

Instagram isn't the only place to get your travel inspiration: from travel tips to dreamy photos to virtual bucket lists — Pinterest is your one-stop-shop for feeding your wanderlust. Read on for 10 of the best travel boards on Pinterest


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1. Beth Williams  

Beth Williams, the writer behind Travels in Translation, is killing it on Pinterest right now. Her big thing is finding hints of Asian culture around the world, and that vibe definitely shines through in her boards. (The one titled Bento Obsessed is our personal favourite.) But her pins aren't limited to all things Asia; you'll find plenty of other destinations on her page. She's got you covered from Chicago to Iceland, and just about everywhere in between.

2. João Leitão

This travel writer certainly knows a thing or two about adventure travel. (He pens Nomad Revelations, after all.) João Leitão's Pinterest boards reflect all the action-packed details we've come to expect from this professional vagabond. On the hunt for tips on cycling the Sahara Desert? Or visiting the pyramids of Giza? Leitão's pins can point you in the right direction. In short, browsing through his boards will have you itching to plan your next adventure vacation.


3. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt (aka Matt Kepnes) is one of the most-talked-about travel bloggers on the Internet. His blog reads more like a travel journal than anything else — with some fantastic travel advice sprinkled in for good measure. His Pinterest page is a visual interpretation of what we love most about his blog. His boards, particularly the one devoted to Wanderlust Travel, will quickly rev up your travel engines. Add this one to your feed for a dose of inspiration.

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4. Kirsten Alana

Kirsten Alana has made a name for herself with her breathtaking travel photos. The celebrated photographer has a creative sensibility that comes to life on her Pinterest page. One board, aptly called Doortraits, features gorgeously designed doorways from around the world. Meanwhile, the one titled Faces is brimming with stirring portraits of the traditional variety. Her page spotlights the cultural impact of travelling. In a word: Beautiful.

5. Gone With The Wynns

This pair of perpetual travellers is redefining what "roughing it" means. Documenting their journey by way of their blog, Gone With The Wynns, they're all about rugged adventures, outdoor exploring, and reveling in the beauty of nature. Their Pinterest page covers wild camping, enchanting natural parks, and a good amount of road tripping advice. Adding them to your Pinterest feed will surely satisfy lovers of the great outdoors.

6. Globetrotter Girls

Globetrotter Girls Dani and Jessica have been regular fixtures on the online travel scene for quite some time. If it's an eclectic mix of photography, foodie delights, and eco-tourism tips you're after, their Pinterest page is likely to scratch the itch. They're also pinning everything from on-the-road books to read to 101 reasons to travel. In other words, prepare to feel inspired.

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7. Matt Long

Luxury travellers would be wise to add LandLopers to their list of best travel boards on Pinterest. The voice behind the pins belongs to travel writer Matt Long, who's been blogging about his nomadic adventures since 2010. His Pinterest page feels like a behind-the-scenes peek at his much-loved blog, laying out his bucket-list destinations and bits of travel wisdom in their rawest forms. It covers a lot of ground — meaning there's a good chance you'll fall into a travel-dreaming hole while surfing his page.

8. Alex in Wanderland

The Alex in Wanderland blog is vibrant and fun with a kitschy, almost vintage feel. The Pinterest page follows suit, delivering solo travel advice alongside a board strictly devoted to over-the-top festival fun around the world. Travel quotes are peppered in between some downright stunning photos this blogger has snapped along the way. Energetic and a touch quirky, this Pinterest page indulges the lighter side of the travel life.

9. The Planet D

Dave and Deb over at The Planet D (try saying that three times fast) are award-winning bloggers with a penchant for adventure. Their motto is basically to live boldly, venture outside of your comfort zone, and hang on for the ride. Their Pinterest page is equally as inspirational, with boards that dare you to push your personal limits while learning and growing abroad. They also have a board highlighting responsible travelling and ways in which you can make a positive difference while exploring the world. (This one's a keeper.)

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10. Lee Abbamonte

Lee Abbamonte's Pinterest profile picture, which shows him bungee jumping over Victoria Falls, says it all. This thrill-seeker is a for-real traveller who also happens to be the youngest American to visit every country in the world. The Wall Street worker turned modern explorer brings a unique point of view to Pinterest. And his page appears to be a reflection of his passport: there's a board for almost every destination you could think of. Come for the inspiration, stay for the practical travel advice.


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