14 ways to wind down for Christmas

See 14 ways to wind down for Christmas. Get organised then get relaxing. Here’s the ultimate festive chill guide. Catch a breath and take a look.
 Relaxing by warm fire with a cup of hot drink. Photo: Shutterstock
Relaxing by warm fire with a cup of hot drink. Photo: Shutterstock

See 14 ways to wind down for Christmas, get organised and then get relaxing. Here’s the ultimate festive chill guide, so catch a breath and take a look.

1. Wind down for Christmas with a to-do list

Get hard stuff done first and make the ultimate to-do list. Include everything you need to cover by Christmas, but be brutal and don't take on too much. What can wait for New Year, should just wait. 

Use a written list or, better still, download an app, Todoist is a good go-to. Always include a first week of January plan and don't avoid the tricky task of making a workable schedule. 

Now of course you want to stick to that schedule, but it's also wise to leave yourself a little wriggle room, just in case. Get this part of the preparations right and work should be stress-free. Which leaves you with plenty of time dream about Christmas.


2. Make the most of the party season

Work parties, festive drinks or family get togethers, there's always plenty going on at Christmas. So take full advantage. Celebrating helps you wind down and get into the seasonal spirit. So when they arrive, you'll enjoy the festivities more. 

3. Take part in Christmas Jumper Day 

Cringe-worthy Christmas jumpers are iconic and great fun. The UK even has Christmas Jumper Day in December in aid of Save the Children. So if you're looking for an excuse to break out a cheesy jumper? This one's perfect. 

4. Crank up the Christmas tunes 

You've got a to-do list and you're wearing festive clothes so it must be time for a few classic Christmas tunes. It doesn't matter whether it's Mariah Carey or  Slade or Michael Bublé. Just take your pick, crank up the volume and sing along. 

5. Breeze through festive shopping chaos

Taking on Christmas shoppers is all about organisation. Don't do last minute and, even if you're online only, make a list and stick to it. With these few little rules followed you'll wrap up Christmas shopping in no time. 

6. Simply do a little less 

Start to wind down your work. Hopefully deadlines have been met anyway and you have less to do. So complete any small, last minute tasks and then watch festive Tik Tok. That's sure to help you wind down.

7. Log off work

Tick of your last tasks and close down all your programmes. Then, whether you're working from home or at the office, sign out of everything. That's the moment you know you won't be back for a bit, and that alone is very relaxing.  

Leave all your accounts behind this Christmas! Photo: ShutterstockLogging out of work accounts helps you wind down for Christmas Photo: Shutterstock 

8. Ensure there are decorations galore

Deck home and work for Christmas. Even a few fairy lights feels festive but by all means go for a full-blown tinsel-covered tree. Decorations add fun, they create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and they say, 'Christmas is coming', loud and clear. 

9. Take an extra day 

Christmas can be crazy so take a day off before festivities begin and use it to catch up - or just relax. Treat yourself to a spa day, take a walk or sit by a cosy pub fire. Doing whatever you want for a little, will help you wind down for Christmas. 

10. Be the host with the most

Hosting guests at Christmas? Plan what you're going to cook and prep food in advance. Organise games, quizzes or competitions - Heads Up is perennial favourite. Then once you've a jump on everything, just relax and have fun. 

11. Create enviable Christmas posts

Done at work? Organised at home? Time for humble-brag Christmas posts. Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok or Twitter, it's your choice but the universal theme is: show off a little. Don't forget to tag your posts #insightguides so we can like and share. 

12. Go tech free

Done posting? Time to really wind down by switching off all devices and taking a screen break, even for a little. It's like a breather for your soul and gives your mind a chance to stop working for a minute and recharge.  

13. Plan your next adventure 

You're almost ready for Christmas so what next? Plan a holiday, quick break or decide to kick the New Year with your biggest adventure yet. Even if it's just a fantasy at the moment, dreamers are always more relaxed.   

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14. Or escape Christmas altogether

Done with lists and finished work? Then think about a little festive escapism. Take a festive trip or visit a great shopping city. Or better still, head to Italy for Christmas markets and book a stay at Residence Fink in fairy tale Bolzano.