5 holiday fails we can fix

The key to an amazing holiday is preparation and planning. Insight Guide can help you every step of the way to make sure your trip is one to remember; we’ll help you avoid these classic holiday fails too
Relaxing on a tropical beach at Maldives
Relaxing on a tropical beach at Maldives. Photo: Shutterstock

Relaxing on a tropical beach at Maldives. Photo: Shutterstock

As you may well know, Insight Guides is an expert trip planner with over 40 years of experience in the travel business. We know the best places to take a holiday to, from the most beautiful hotels in India to Brazil’s best street food and beyond. We can create your trip from start to finish, making sure you’ve included activities that match your interests. Plus, we have a range of ready-made trips for you to choose from too. Simply take your pick.

What’s more, we’ll take the hassle out of planning. No more stressing over how to find the best hotels, most knowledgeable tour guide or hundreds of websites to review at once. We'll do the hard work for you.

It’s safe to say, we can save you from more than one classic holiday fail...

Dinner in a gourmet restaurant. Photo: ShutterstockDinner in a gourmet restaurant. Photo: Shutterstock

1. Hotel fail

We’ve all been there. You get to your hotel, after a hard day’s travelling and it looks nothing like the pictures. Instead of top-notch luxury, you’re greeted by drab rooms that have seen better days.

2. Tour guide fail

The lousy tour guide who knows nothing about your destination or the one who carries a flag over a teeming crowd of tourists… Nope. Not us. Our guides are individually selected to ensure we only put you in touch with the very best.

3. All-inclusive fail

Ever been on a holiday where you’re expected to do nothing but lounge by the pool for days and there is nothing for miles on end? Our trips ensure that only the activities you want to do are included, making it tailored to your interests.

4. Last-minute fail

Stressing at the computer minutes before you’re meant to depart is just not our style. Who wants to be panicking, heart-palpitations a go-go right before a relaxing holiday? Our exceptional customer service team makes sure you know your trip inside-out weeks before your holiday begins.

5. Planning-it-on-your-own fail

Comparing flights, activities, hotels, tour guides, rental sites all at once can be a little too much hassle. Trying to find the best deal and lowest price on each one, before the offers run out, you run out of time or they become booked up is near impossible. Don’t be a million-tab moron – let Insight Guides book your next trip for you.

Private safari tour in South Africa. Photo: ShutterstockPrivate safari tour in South Africa. Photo: Shutterstock

While Insight Guides can plan your trip inside-out, there are a few things we can’t resolve...

1. Tanlines and sunburns

Those patches? Nope. We won’t be there to make sure your suncream coverage is solid.

2. Forgotten kit

That last-minute panic at the departure gates… Unfortunately, we can’t pack your bags for you.

3. Missed transport 

Another classic fail to ruin a well-planned adventure. Just remember, there’s always the next flight out, right?

Don’t fail at holiday planning. Get Insight Guides to do the hard work for you next time round. Submit a private trip request or browse available trips online