6 ways to document your next trip

Traveler woman holding a suitcase with map of world
Traveler woman holding a suitcase with map of world. Photo: Poprotskiy Alexey/Shutterstock

Forget a boring old photo album—these clever ideas will have you rethinking how you document your next trip. Read on for some of the most creative ways to preserve your favourite travel memories.

Miniature shadow boxes

Bring your photos and travel memorabilia to life with a three-dimensional shadow box. Stop by your local craft store for this easy DIY project, which doesn't require much more than paint, scrapbook paper, and your much-loved travel photos and souvenirs. If you're not exactly crafty, Pinterest has no shortage of creative options already available for purchase. From basic to more destination-specific, a shadow box is a unique way to show off your travels without infringing on your décor.

Mini Travel Shadow BoxPush pin travel maps

Put a creative twist on an ordinary map with this imaginative memory-keeper. All you need to get started are push pins and some wall space. The finished product is a surefire way to celebrate the traveller in all of us. If you're feeling especially bold, you can take the idea to the next level using a wall-sized map decal. Another way to personalise the idea is to add hanging tags with handwritten notes to mark where your travels have taken you.

World Travel Map With Pins Blue Oceans

Travel recipe book

Foodies rejoice! What better way to document your journeys than with a book dedicated to your destination's local cuisine. After enjoying your favourite dishes abroad, jot them down in a one-of-a-kind recipe book—then relive the experience in your own kitchen. Alternatively, you could create one master recipe book with individual tabs for each place you've been.

Customized travel recipe book.

Customized keepsake boxes

If you've got a lot of knickknacks from your time abroad, consider housing them all in one commemorative keepsake box. Everything from ticket stubs to postcards to photos will be in safe hands. And whenever you're feeling nostalgic, it's an easy and accessible way to take a stroll down memory lane. For the seasoned traveller, consider stacking your boxes together to showcase your favourite destinations. Space-conscious folks may also feel drawn to these ultra-small travel albums in a box.

Burlwood Keepsake/Valet Box

Traditional travel binders

Bookworms may be inclined to house their memories in a traditional travel binder. But don't let the ho-hum name fool you; it's more than possible to create a customized binder that's anything but boring. (Think of it as a jazzed-up photo album.) Preserve your most precious keepsakes—from pictures to mementos—in a three-pronged binder that fits easily onto your bookshelf. For the minimalist, you can also create one general travel binder that has different tabs to highlight each destination. If you're a natural scrap-booker, consider creating themed mini-books or mini-albums to document your trips.

UniKeep Travel Binder

A scratch globe

The quirky traveller will likely get a kick out of a Scratch Globe. Covered in gold foil, you simple scratch off the destinations you've visited to reveal a detailed, colourful map underneath. You can put a different spin on it with a Scratch Map Poster, which hangs flat on the wall. Either option represents an offbeat way to remember your time abroad.

Luckies of London Scratch Globe

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