6 best travel journals for 2017

Looking for stocking fillers for your favourite travellers this Christmas? Whether you're a long-time writer or a novice beginner, our round-up of best travel journals has something for everyone
A Travel journal
A Travel journal. Photo: Prathan Chorruangsak/Shutterstock

Christmas is coming and shoppers are getting stressed. Make the travel-lovers in your life happy with a journal for 2017. Below, we've sourced our favourites for every type of traveller, from those that include colouring pages to waterproof, hard-core covers

1. For the stylish, yet practical traveller

You can judge a book by its cover, but these journals are more than just a pretty face. Insight Guides’ own Travel Experiences Journals have all the information needed for travellers moving from place to place, including a calendar, planner, conversion tables, important travel phrases in six different languages, a time zone map, international area code numbers, and a travel checklist. No more last minute panics! 

Besides having the information you need, it also has the information you want, like stunning photos and content to inspire your next trip. Plus, for your inner-kid you'll also find colouring pages to colour in your own version of the Taj Mahal, and, of course, plenty of pages to write.

Get started: Insight Guides: Travel Experiences Journal ($14.99) (£9.99 for UK shoppers)

2. For the serious travel writer

The Clairefontaine brand is popular among writers for a number of reasons. Perhaps the strongest selling point is the durability of the paper. Even the heaviest of fountain pens rarely bleed through, allowing you to scribble on both sides to your heart's delight. Manufactured in France, these stapled notebooks come in a variety of colours and sizes, most of which are ideal for writing on the go.

Get started: Classic Staple Bound Ruled Notebook (Just under $10)

Clairefontaine Classic Staple Bound Ruled Notebook. Photo: Press release

3. For the off-the-beaten-path traveller

Tried-and-tested Moleskine notebooks were built with the rugged traveller in mind. Flexible, sturdy, and ultra-portable, these handy little journals won't have you worrying about loose pages. A durable elastic strap helps keep your pages in place and your writing private. 

These journals are also available in both hard and soft covers. While the hard-covered ones are helpful when writing without a flat surface, the smaller, soft-covered ones are perfect for tucking into your back pocket during your travels.

Get started: Moleskine Classic Notebook (Starts at $13.95)

Moleskine Classic Notebook with Pen. Photo: Press release

4. For the no-frills traveller

For the low-maintenance, unattached writer on the go, a basic spiral notebook is perhaps the best way to jot down special travel memories. Not only are these inexpensive and easy to find, they'll also sport a charmingly worn-out look after an adventure abroad. For those intimidated by the act of writing, a no-nonsense spiral helps takes the edge off.

Get started: Mead Memo Book ($1.39)

Mead Memo Book. Photo: Press release

5. For the traveller who needs a writing nudge

Travelling or not, jumpstarting a burst of writing isn't always an easy task. For those catching a transatlantic flight or recovering from jet lag, the creative juices may need a little nudge before they start flowing. Opting for a travel journal that has built-in writing prompts can help do just that, coaxing dormant memories right out of their subconscious hiding places.

Get started: I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded (About $14)

I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded. Photo: Press release

6. For the techie traveller

Let's face it: not everyone is the pen-and-paper type. Those who write up their shopping lists on their smartphones needn't despair. There are actually plenty of digital ways to document your travel adventures. The MobilyTrip app, for example, allows travellers to upload their journals right onto its website. From there, users can flesh out their ideas, tweak their entries, and share with the world. Techie travellers rejoice!

Get started: MobilyTrip app (Free)

MobilyTrip app. Photo: Skoda/Shutterstock

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