7 tips for forgetful travellers

Always forgetting something when you take a trip? These 7 tips and travel accessories will help streamline your next holiday
How to pack smarter?
How to pack smarter?

Looking to pack smarter? Photo: Shutterstock

Consider yourself a forgetful traveller? Don't sweat it; we've got you covered with these genius travel tips and accessories to help keep your head straight while on the road

1. Pack smarter

If you're that person who forgets to pack a toothbrush, a trusty packing list app just might do the trick. There are certainly plenty to choose from. PackPoint, for example, uses your destination, weather, trip length, and itinerary to create a personalised packing list just for you. You simply tick off the boxes that apply to your travel plans (or hide the ones that don't) and voilà! You've got a customised list that you can also email out to your travel companions. If you want to bring those travel mates into the action, TripList is another great app that allows friends and family members to jump in and contribute to your lists, which go beyond just packing. It doubles as a travel to-do list that supports multiple trips at a time.

2. Keep your documents in check

Shoving your passport into a Ziploc baggie is no way to travel. To ensure that your important on-the-go documents are safe and secure (aka never forgotten), opt for a proper travel wallet. Aspinal of London is a stand-out in this department, offering up loads of gorgeous styles for both men and women. Among its most popular offerings are wallets that feature different tabs for your passport, currency, flight information, and so on. For something less luxury and more knock-around (we're looking at you, hikers and lovers of the great outdoors), REI makes durable, sporty document protectors of its own.

Aspinal Zipped Travel Wallet with Passport Cover. Photo: Press releaseAspinal Zipped Travel Wallet with Passport Cover. Photo: Press release

3. Set a reminder to check in for your flight

This seems like an obvious one, but it's still worth mentioning. Forgetting to check in for your flight prior to departure is a surefire way to put the brakes on your travel plans. Online check-in, which only takes a minute and can easily be done on your phone, is usually available 24 hours prior to your flight, depending on your airline. If you fail to do it, you'll have to check in at the airport—hello, long queues! What's worse, some airlines dole out priority seating to those who check in first. As soon as you book your travel plans, get in the habit of setting a reminder to check in. Alternatively, you can also download the airline's app; many will send you an alert when it's time to check in.

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4. Never forget where you parked ever again

When it comes to travel tips for forgetful jet-setters, this one's a biggie. Why? There's nothing like returning home from a trip, only to be stranded at the airport searching for a lost car. Check out Find My Car Smarter, an app that automatically saves your car's location every time you park. Once you land, you can see your car via an interactive map on your phone. Better yet, consider Zus. This handy little gadget doubles as a car-finder and lightning-fast USB charger. That means you'll never lose your ride or a battery charge while on the go.

Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger. Photo: Press releaseNonda ZUS Smart Car Charger. Photo: Press release

5. Hit up your local bookstore before travel day

It's no secret that airport bookstores charge a premium for the latest bestsellers. What's more, the selection isn't always the greatest. Do yourself a favour and hit up either your local bookshop or an online retailer prior to travelling to stock up on all your favourite reads. Otherwise, you're in for a flight with seriously limited reading options for book worms. If you prefer e-reading, be sure to download some goodies prior to takeoff.

6. Keep track of your spending while abroad

While exploring a new place, sampling the cuisine, meeting the locals, and making memories, the idea of stopping everything to tally up your spending doesn't exactly sound enticing. It's little wonder that so many travellers forget to monitor their expenses. The problem, of course, goes beyond just breaking your budget; it can also create a headache when it comes time to go through customs. Enter Simply Declare, a genius app that manages all your travel receipts (after you snap a quick pic), then spits out an itemised list to help you quickly fill out all your declaration forms. The app serves as a currency converter, as well. Speaking of money management, forgetful travellers would also be wise to contact their banks prior to departure to notify them of upcoming out-of-town charges.

7. Download some photo apps

Not all of us are all-star travel photographers, but with smartphones serving as on-the-go cameras, it's possible for amateurs to capture great shots. The problem, as many of us know, is that it's all too easy to run out of storage space. Consider creating a Google Photos account before your next trip. Instead of crowding your phone with all your travel pics, it'll instantly send your photos to your account, which can then be accessed from any of your devices. Storage aside, you can also get creative with how you share your travel shots. Postagram lets you easily send your photos to friends and family as real postcards. How wonderfully vintage.

Have any travel tips of your own? Share them in the comments below!


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