Alternative destination trips: the road less traveled

Travelers are increasingly aware of the impact their vacation has on the destinations they visit. Insight Guides is launching a list of new trips featuring alternative, yet still spectacular destinations. These tailor-made experiences focus on promoting responsible travel.
Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Photo: Corrie Wingate/APA
Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Photo: Corrie Wingate/APA

At Insight Guides, we connect travelers with carefully chosen local travel experts, who have thorough knowledge of their own destinations. You simply tell the local expert your ideas for your trip. They will then take care of planning and booking you a personalized itinerary.

Trusted travel experts

In the hands of our trusted travel experts, you can be confident that the cultural excursions and activities on your trip will be well selected. Your travel experiences will be tailored to your preferences – whether you want to take things at a slower pace, or choose to take part in socially conscious activities such as community development projects.

Responsible travel

Insight Guides has released a number of trips on which travelers can embrace responsible travel by visiting alternative destinations in countries, instead of the most popular, some of which are suffering as a result of overtourism. These trips, of course, still offer the chance to savor unforgettable travel experiences.

San Cristobal de las Casas instead of Cancun

Insight Guides Mexico’s Churros and Chiapas trip takes you from vibrant Mexico City, with its fabulous museums, grand monuments and imposing plazas, to San Cristóbal de las Casas in the highlands of Chiapas. Here, in the living Maya cultural centre of the state, you will spend days exploring canyons, waterfalls and national parks. The trip culminates in the dense rainforest of Chiapas, at Palenque, one of the most breathtaking of Mexico's spectacular Maya ruin sites.

Guadalupe Church, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. Photo: streetflash/Shutterstock

Northern Argentina instead of the more visited south

Insight Guides Argentina’s Northern Highlights trip begins in Argentina's cosmopolitan capital. Buenos Aires is home to broad plazas, grand colonial buildings, tango and succulent steaks. You will explore museums and churches in neighbourhoods such as upscale Recoleta, hip Palermo and bohemian San Telmo. Next, you will head to northeastern Argentina and the mighty Iguazú Falls. This awe-inspiring natural attraction is the highlight of an expansive subtropical national park. Moving on to Salta, you will discover the Andean heritage and natural wonders of this mountainous province. The trip finishes in Mendoza where you can relish the beauty and full-bodied Malbec wines of the region.

 Iguazú Falls as seen from the Argentine side. Photo: sharptoyou/Shutterstock

Westfjords instead of the Ring Road 

Insight Guides Western Iceland: Cliffs, Coast and Waterfalls trip offers the chance to embark on the road trip of a lifetime. In remote northwestern Iceland, you will visit dramatic natural landmarks such as the Latrabjarg Cliffs and the fabled Hraunfossar and Barnafoss waterfalls cascading over volcanic rock formations. You will also drive through beautiful glacial valleys and savor breathtaking sunsets. And after taking in Iceland's natural splendor, what better way to unwind than with a luxurious soak in natural hot springs?

House in the village of Stykkisholmur, Western Iceland. Photo: Beketoff/Shutterstock

Bordeaux instead of Paris

Insight Guides' The Romance, Food, and Wine of Bordeaux trip offers a delightful French culinary adventure in this spirited southwestern city. You will visit vineyards in the surrounding world-renowned wine-growing region, that produce some of its finest wines. During a gourmet cookery class, you will help create a culinary feast. The trip also features dinner in a romantic castle, as well as offering an insight on the fascinating history of this port city on the Garonne River.  Mist over vineyards near Bordeaux, France. Photo: FreeProd33/Shutterstock

Northern Spain instead of the more popular South

Insight Guides' The cities, mountains and beaches of Northern Spain trip takes in the culture, natural beauty and rugged coastline of the north of Spain. The trip starts in the Basque Country resort city of San Sebastián, known for its sandy beaches and fine restaurants. After visiting Pamplona, you will move on to the wine region of Logroño, where you will tour an ancient wine cellar famed for its smooth red Rioja wines. Next, you will visit the medieval Old Town in Oviedo, before heading to the port city of Bilbao, home to the striking contemporary Guggenheim modern art museum, designed by Frank Gehry.    

San Sebastián in the Basque Country, Spain. Photo: Thomas Dutour/Shutterstock

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