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9 best places to see November 14th's supermoon

November 14 will bring an astrological wonder: the largest supermoon seen since 1948. Here are the best places in the world to witness it
Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) in Bangkok with full moon. Photo: Shutterstock
Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) in Bangkok with full moon. Photo: Shutterstock


Mark your calendars: Monday's rare supermoon is set to be spectacular (so spectacular, in fact, it's been dubbed a super supermoon). Occuring when the moon is simultaneously full and at its closest point to earth, it's going to appear strikingly large. CNN reports that we likely won't see it like this again until 2034.

Those of us in Asia are said to be in for the best views. Hoping to sneak a peek? Here are nine of the best places to see the supermoon for yourself

1. Hong Kong

Experts say that Hong Kong is in an ideal location for spotting the November 14th's supermoon. While parts of the island do suffer from light pollution, it is still possible to catch fantastic views of this lunar miracle. Your instincts may tell you to head to the Hong Kong Observatory, but since it closes at 5:45pm, it's actually not the best locale (prime viewing time, according to CNN, will be around 9:52pm). When the right time strikes, you'll be better off high above the hustle-bustle, tall buildings, and bright lights of the metropolis below. We can't think of a better location than Victoria Peak, which already has a reputation for its jaw-dropping views. Absorb all the magic of the peak and beyond with Insight Guides' Hong Kong Highlights vacation.

2. India 

If you find yourself in India on November 14, the supermoon is expected to be especially extraordinary at around 7:22pm. According to Scoop Hoop, Rajasthan is a real stunner when it comes to stargazing, particularly Jaisalmer. Begin your journey at sunset, when the fortified town's glowing, ochre-hued walls respond in kind. With the Thar Desert all around, Jaisalmer itself is enveloped in soft, amber lighting, which only serves to accentuate its famous honey-tinted sandstone buildings. Experience the majestic wonders of the supermoon with Insight Guides' Rajasthan: The Land of Kings luxury getaway.

3. Thailand

Supermoon time in Thailand will be at approximately 8:52pm, which begs the all-important question: where can we expect the best views? Our money is on the islands of southern Thailand, where light pollution is thin and serenity is in abundance. And when it comes to witnessing an epic full moon, we can't think of a more lovely backdrop than the shimmering Gulf of Thailand. Koh Chang is a sweeping, yet largely uninhabited, island known for its mountainous landscape and great swaths of overgrown rainforest. Native elephants are the norm, as are dazzling beaches and luxurious high-end resorts. Thailand is where it's at for quiet stargazing in paradise. Start customising your next adventure with one of Insight Guides' many Thailand trip itineraries.

4. Laos

Laos is easily one of the world's most underrated travel destinations, but it stands on its own as an utterly remarkable place to visit, especially with regard to the upcoming supermoon. The wonderfully still-developing Si Phan Don islands (which translates to "four thousand islands") in the south are a real standout here, thanks to the blissful, chilled-out vibe. They're wonderfully remote, offering a behind-the-scenes peek at rural Mekong River life. It's also a real treat for travellers whose sweet spot is raw beauty, colonial relics, and astounding geology. Let Insight Guides whisk you off on an unforgettable adventure through Laos. What are you waiting for?

5. Cambodia

Cambodia's high level of light pollution, coupled with what stargazers call a dust veil, might make it an overlooked destination for the supermoon, but hope is far from lost. In fact, Cambodia has a few hidden gems that are positively divine for taking in an unspoiled night sky. We have Stefan Lamoureux, writer and president of Finland's Astronomy Club Toutatis, to thank for spotlighting Koh Rong. This fabulous stargazing island, located on the coast of Sihanoukville, has very little light pollution, making it an absolute jewel where the supermoon is concerned. It also happens to be a lively, energetic beach town with great nightlife to boot. Perhaps blogger Tania of Small and Tall travel describes Koh Rong best: "I did debate not talking about this place just to see if I could keep it a secret a little bit longer but I loved it so much that I want you all to instantly run there and soak up the sunshine. If you are looking for the real desert island experience then this is the place for you."

For more beachy bliss, check out Insight Guides' luxury vacation: Cambodia's Beaches and Temples.

6. Malaysia

Lunar experts say that the supermoon should be visible in Malaysia at around 9:52pm on Monday. There are a number of excellent places to set up camp, with Sabah leading the pack here. As The Star Online reports, Tanjung Simpang Mengayau (located at the northern tip of Borneo) is a knockout destination for taking in the splendour of the night sky. The area's remote location, along with the fact that there's almost no light pollution, makes it a stargazer's paradise. In fact, the tourism department points to Sabah as a pioneer in what's been coined astro-tourism. Marvel under the stars on Insight Guides' Traditional Malaysia & Wild Borneo luxury trip package.

7. Singapore

Singapore isn't all glitzy attractions, luxury shopping, and mouthwatering cuisine, it also happens to be a stellar place for catching the supermoon. DiscoverSG calls out a handful of the island's very best stargazing sites, with the Science Centre Observatory and the Andromeda Observatory coming in at the top of the list. Unfortunately, both won't be open on Monday evening, so you'd be better off heading to another locale. Consider venturing out to the sprawling open spaces of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is said to offer lovely views. Let Insight Guides plan your dream vacation to Singapore from start to finish.

8. Nepal

When the sun goes down on Monday, those who find themselves in Nepal will be in for a real treat. The serene Himalayan country is one of the world's premier stargazing spots. National Geographic spotlights Sagarmatha National Park for its striking astro vistas: stars literally dot the sky above ever-majestic Mount Everest. The area is also celebrated for its astounding glaciers and hiking trails. The moon will be making its jaw-dropping appearance at around 7:37 p.m. Dizzying altitudes and phenomenal alpine panoramas await, bringing you about as close to the supermoon as you can get. Insight Guides' local experts are waiting to create the itinerary of a lifetime in Nepal.

9. Sri Lanka

Hiding at the northernmost tip of Sri Lanka is the Jaffna Peninsula, a remarkably isolated bit of the island that serves as the vibrant centre of Tamil culture. Indian influences converge in the colonial town, which features large Hindu temples and busy little cafes. But it's the peninsula that snags a well-earned spot on this list. As reports, ultra-tranquil Casuarina Beach is quiet and brimming with bare land. Devoid of excessive light pollution, it should be a spectacular site for witnessing the upcoming supermoon. Browse Insight Guides' Sri Lanka tour packages to get started.

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