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Discover Thailand

Dynamic perspective and long time exposure inside a Tuk tuk vehicle in Bangkok
Dynamic perspective and long time exposure inside a Tuk tuk vehicle in Bangkok. Photo: Shutterstock

Thailand is one of the world's most popular destinations and with good reason – idyllic beaches, lush landscapes, awe-inspiring temples, a rich culture and a buzzing capital city means there is something for everyone. And if you haven't been yet, why not make 2016 the year you discover what makes Thailand so entrancing? This week, we'll be looking at some of the country's myriad attractions and answering the key questions – how to navigate Bangkok, what to shop for while you're there, what to eat and which beaches to laze on!

When to go? The weather is hot year-round, but with variation in humidity and rainfall – the following guideline is a rough indication of Thailand’s weather patterns (although you can, and should, expect regional variations): 

Hot season (Mar to Mid-June): 27–35°C (80–95°F)
Rainy season (June to Oct): 24–32°C (75–90°F)
Cool season (Nov to Feb): 18–32°C (65–90°F), with less humidity.

And whether you're after adventure activities, a romantic beach break, a cultural tour or all three, our customisable trips to Thailand offer a wealth of ways to check out this incredible country.

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