Insight Guide to the National Parks of the Moon

US National Parks of the Moon?, (photo by  )
US National Parks of the Moon?

A bill was recently introduced in the US House of Representatives that would create a US National Park on the Moon. Designated the “Apollo Lunar Landing Legacy Act”, the idea is to ensure that “the scientific data and cultural significance of the Apollo artifacts remains unharmed by future lunar landings."


In light of this, Insight Guides are pleased to announce the publication of Insight Guides National Parks of the Moon, which will be a companion to our bestselling Insight Guides National Parks of the West guidebook.


Insight Guides National Parks of the Moon will include evocative color photography (although it might appear in black and white) that captures the moon’s epic landscape and overwhelming beauty.



We will be commissioning local writers to share their love and knowledge of the region in lively features on its rocks, craters, and bounceable gravity. A special focus on cuisine will highlight the freeze-dried local specialties.


The "Best of the Moon" section highlights the national park’s top attractions, including a photograph of astronaut Charlie Duke’s family left behind after the Apollo 16 mission, the camera left behind by Apollo 17 commander Eugene Cernan, and the ashes of the most famous flag originally planted by Apollo 13 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (which was reduced to rubble when the astronauts blasted off for their return trip).


Insight Guides will also include a special Travel Tips section, which will include helpful hints for traveling to the moon, and information on how to get around. We recommend using a lunar rover for all daytrips while on the moon, but be sure to plan your time carefully. There aren’t any convenience stores to pick up road trip snacks, and restroom facilities are severely limited.



Flight times can be long...!




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